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Youve both made me more happy than you could ever know.""Oh Mummy," Rivkah said crying, "I'm having a bad day.

The baby won't eat and the washing machine won't work. On top of all this, the house is a mess and I'm supposed to have the Minkys and the Rokens for dinner tonight. I'll do your shopping, tidy up the house and cook your dinner.

I would have invited you, but I know that woman you live with would have never let you come.I bet she's never even watched that videotape of my haemorrhoid surgery, has she? God knows their mother never buys them anything nice. Thank you so much for the birthday flowers, dear boy. I've sent along my last ten pounds in this card, which I hope you'll spend on my grandchildren.I'm also getting used to the cold since they turned my heat off and am grateful because the frost on my bed numbs the constant pain.

Now don't you even think about sending any more money, because I know you need it for those expensive family holidays you take every year.

Almost a year later, Lionel rings his mother and tells her that they are expecting a baby.

His mother doesnt slam down the phone but says, very politely and unemotionally, "Thats nice, son, Im happy for you both."Eight months later, Lionel again rings his mother and says, "Mum, I just want to say that last night my wife gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

But whilst spending some time in Oklahoma, he meets and falls deeply in love with a Cherokee girl.

Not long after, they decide to get married and Lionel rings his mother to tell her the good news.

As his mother lives by herself in Golders Green, Sidney decides to send her the parrot as a present - it'll keep her company.