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The fascinating text is illustrated with quilts that are contemporary to the source articles.

All of the pictures are close-ups, showing intricate piecing and extensive embellishment.

This unusual book enriches the history and appreciation of the quilt as art. The book offers an overview of textiles in America, based on years of research, that is unmatched in scope.

Imported textiles played a central role in the lives of American colonists.

The most-imported commodity, and a highly valued one, textiles were used for bedding, bed curtains, clothing, household linens, window curtains, upholstery, and floor covering.

This book illustrates samples from collections around the world, as well as drawings and engravings of the time.

Just as they filled their scrapbook albums with trade cards, calling cards, photos and memorabilia, crazy quilt makers embellished their quilts with their most favorite things. Newspapers picked up on the accomplishments of these talented women and shared them with their communities.

This new book contains over 200 newspaper articles dating from 1880 to 1945, that trace crazy quilt patterns and articles in womens magazines and pamphlets.

Making do was a common practice for frugal quilters during those difficult years.

They knew how to recycle fabric scraps that might otherwise go to waste.

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Feedsack Secrets: Fashion from Hard Times The poverty of the Depression and fabric shortages during World War II made feedsacks highly important to the quilter during the 1930s and 1940s.

Quilting News of Yesteryear: Crazy as a Bed Bug From the early 1880s through the second quarter of the twentieth century, American women made crazy quilts in colossal numbers.