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I worked at Chestnut Hill as an academic counselor, director of the academic support center, Psychology Department lecturer, and counseling center therapist.My second graduate degree, Science Education, allowed me to teach elementary school Science at an all girls’ school.

I am making a difference by showing someone just how amazing Atlanta Girls’ School is.” We often tell people that teaching is rewarding, but we do not always see the reward of a day’s work in our profession.We do not see final products like the construction of a church or a successful surgery that has saved a life. We help each girl develop a deeper sense of self, a firm command of her own voice, and the understanding that she is able and impelled to influence change in the world. AGS offers girls in grades 6 through 12 a college-preparatory curriculum of the highest standards.100% of our graduates are accepted to a four-year college or university.This was the kind of challenge I want to meet in a future career: foreign service with a focus on working with developing countries and helping the people there reach their full potential.” She began the trip by learning about the history of the Khmer Rouge and the impact it had on the government and the people of Cambodia.

She also visited multiple NGOs that work to fight the corruption in the government and provide means of alternative therapy.It has been an honor to work with not only the girls but also the teachers at AGS.I grow stronger in my understanding of single gender education every day.” “Atlanta Girls’ School is a smaller school and I think this is one of its most amazing qualities.Sally hopes to continue this service work in international relations and pursue a career in the nonprofit sector.Middle School Science “I like teaching that science is an ongoing understanding through explanation, sharing, and conversation.Our faculty has an average of 10 years of experience, and 61% hold advanced degrees.