Pros and cons of dating a marine

Cons Government rarely has your best interests in mind.

Bureaucracy can be extremely frustrating and painful.

Examples include different moral standards held between the senior leadership and their subordinates. (Also a case of Flag Officers not having the moral and intestinal turpitude to refuse clearly illegal and immoral orders. I read at some other comments with the complaining of 50 hour work weeks.

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Companies providing such services need a team of proactive engineers that have the necessary knowledge and the ability to complete and deliver high Technology has become an important tool in teaching and in learning even in the classroom today.

Projectors, smart boards and i Pads have become common in different schools.

Even worse when you consider that for combat pay or hazardous duty pay such as flight deck pay (most dangerous work space on the planet) you only get a few dollars more per day Family life- kiss it goodbye.

It's not just the deployments but all of the time it takes to work up to a deployment that count.

With the new year upon us, it’s always good to let students know what’s ahead and help them understand how their choices may impact their life.

If you have students thinking about going to engineering school, this list of pros and cons can help you better describe the road ahead.

Your job is to protect and defend the constitution AND your subordinates.

When you throw the warriors under the bus in order to advance your career, you are being dishonorable. Seniors punishing juniors for doing the same things that seniors get away with, such as alcohol related incidents, conduct in foreign ports and how only juniors were convicted for Abu Graib when clearly the orders came from senior leadership and the Whitehouse.

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