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Such doughnut-shaped items are normally found in high-end audio gear, according to Flores, and making their own versions of such parts enables Carvin to monitor production and provide their amps with efficient, low-noise transformers with output that’s right-on-the-money.

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Flores asserted that between finishes, hardware, pickups, etc., a Carvin, customer has over 1,000 choice combinations.However, other unique aspects of Carvin’s instruments include the primary type of construction (neck-through) as well as the most popular fretboard wood (ebony).Guitar production foreman Robert Messier, who has been with Carvin for 16 years, showed us the meticulous hand-fitting process involved in fitting the sides and neck of a neck-through instrument.While we visited, he was working on a prototype acoustic (“..we’ll give you an exclusive,” noted Flores) that will be made using extensive carving on CNC machinery.The guitar production area reinforced Carvin’s unique position in the fretted instrument marketplace.

Each instrument makes its way through the process sporting a small sticker noting the customer’s name and preferred options.

We began our tour in Carvin’s amplifier department.

The company also makes several hundred amps every month and during our visit was gearing up for new production innovations.

Other nostalgic cosmetics include oxblood grillecloth and vanilla-colored chicken-head knobs.

Flores was particularly ebullient about another successful Carvin tube amp, the Steve Vai Legacy.

Flores also said the new acoustic would be neck-through but would also have bracing, so it should be interesting to see (and hear) the ultimate configuration of this project.