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Unlike in the UK, students on a low income are entitled to Dutch housing benefit.And because you can only claim it if you have your own front door, bathroom, and kitchen, it can actually be cheaper to rent a studio than live in a flatshare.In July, the president of Maastricht University urged British students to apply as soon as possible while they can still enjoy the low rate of tuition fees being offered to EU citizens.

Pupil A told the school investigators: 'We went out to eat. He recalled that once, 'we went out to eat and another student was in the restaurant and saw us,' a hearing of the National Council for Teaching and Leadership was told in Coventry.The fling lasted until October 2015 - when her bosses received an email tip off about what had been going on and she tried desperately to cover it up.If all this Dutch eccentricity makes you homesick, it’s not a long journey back.The hop from Amsterdam to Gatwick takes just 40 minutes and costs around £25.With around 90,000 foreign students each year, Dutch universities have a truly international atmosphere.

Most have societies and welcome weeks for foreign students, and Leiden even holds a lecture to help non-Dutch speakers grasp the language.And when I recently took a train to Amsterdam Airport, the driver apologised through the tannoy for arriving two minutes early.The high premium put on student-teacher interactions means seminars have only around 15 students.Side note: the Dutch language is impossible, so don’t even bother trying.Thankfully, the Netherlands does absolutely nothing to combat its national stereotypes.The annual tuition fee for most undergraduate and graduate courses is only about £1,700, with the Dutch government providing loans to cover the entire amount.