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STI Status: 0/10 — Site does not offer method to post or search for positive STI results. Interface: 4/10 — Site and mobile app both dated and clunky. Compatibility Recommendations: 2/10 — Sometimes actually works to find non-monogamous people with limited status options. Advanced search does allow to search for “living together” and “married”, so actually somewhat useful for non-monogamous people.Identity Verification: 0/10 — No help here, you’re on your own. Total Score: 22/100Partner Linking: 0/10 — Site doesn’t consider non-monogamy as valid.

The only other sites that do this are popular, but not mainstream like Fet (who is probably the only one that does it right).Relationship Status: 9/10 — Site allows two “relationship types”, Monogamous and Non-Monogamous.As one of the oldest poly dating sites online, we're always looking to provide a better experience for the polyamory community.We're now better than ever, and with polyamory coming out of the closet, it's easier than ever to find your newest partner.Relationship Status: 3/10 — Site allows for 7 relationship status levels, all marriage oriented.

For the non-monogamous, that includes “married”, “living together” which could be viewed as a very subtle way of signaling non-monogamy, though not useful for non-monogamous people who live alone or are not married.

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First, go to the registration page by clicking on You can use your profile to comment on articles, ask questions, respond to users on the forums, send and receive private messages from other members, accumulate points to win prizes, and more. You may include a link to your social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Google , Linked In, Instagram and You Tube When you finish updating your user profile, click on the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page. Note that all your personal information will be permanently deleted.

Type of Relationship – Select your preferred type of relationship from the following: monogamy, polyamory, open relationship, poly-curious, swinging, other. (Profile Privacy) – Select one of the following: Everyone (default), Only me, Only people I follow can view my profile, Followers. Hide My Online Status – If you do not want others members to see that you are .

Since you gotta date somewhere, here’s a summary and ranking of popular dating sites and how they rank for polyamory and non-monogamy dating.