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However, unlike most of the movies that can certainly be grouped with this one, ' I Love You, Man' is a movie almost anyone can enjoy, even women and kids.

Consider sending something unique like heart-shaped bonsai plants which make for a great reminder of your love to keep at their place of work.Looking for something gourmet for that special someone in your life?Like director John Hamburg's previous effort, ' Along Came Polly', the movie is incredibly likable because it relies on the awkward humor that Paul Rudd does pretty much perfectly, playing off the happy-go-lucky humor of Jason Segel.Rudd is likable and reliable as usual in a role showcasing the best of his abilities (I really can't say how happy I am that he's finally getting leading roles), and unlike in ' Role Models', he's the undisputed lead here.Truglio is great in yet another small cameo that stacks up with his previous appearances in ' Pineapple Express' and ' Superbad', as well as the icing on the cake that was ' Role Models' (he's an example of the whole "everyone will like this movie" thing.

Jon Favreau is hysterical in his part as a cynical ass that makes you go, "this guy directed ' Iron Man'? I think the reason most people will like this one is because it'll put a smile on most people's faces.

It's a delightful comedy that will make you laugh throughout and brighten your day.

Whether it be the great buddy chemistry between the leads, or the simply hysterical supporting cast, I found myself loving this movie.

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Peter has no male friends and that poses problems: will he turn out to be a clingy guy, and who will be his best man?