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"What matters is that Kanji's other self cries out, 'Accept me for who I am!' I think it's a powerful message which many, if not all of us can relate to.” While in canon Naoto is a woman who is presenting as a man so that they will be taken seriously in their career as a detective, some fans view Naoto's story to be trans narrative.There is some amount of discourse surrounding Kanji's sexuality in Persona 4.

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And another Persona fighting game or dance game sounds pretty entertaining right about now, seeing how Persona 5 is only a few months away from a North American release.While Atlus's survey is in Japanese, and there's no English equivalent, we'd like to provide some spin-off suggestions of our own for Atlus.So, rather than accept the canon explanation, let’s embrace the opportunity to gain some representation!Due to the game's Social Link mechanic, which acts similarly to that of a dating sim, shipping the the protagonist (typically named either Seta Souji or Narukami Yu depending on the adaption) with the rest of the cast is very common.This has also lead some to consider the pairing of Naoto and Kanji to be slash, rather than het.

While canon says Naoto Shirogane is a woman, he reads like a transman.In Kanji's alternate world, his other self appears as a near-nude, "gay" sounding version of himself who inhabits a men's bathhouse, strongly suggesting that the character houses homosexual desires.After beating the dungeon, Kanji comes to aspect that his other self is still apart of him and that he is stronger for knowing it.Those who feel he is gay cite that his crush on Naoto started when he first thought Naoto was male and is what further caused his repressed feelings to manifest within his dungeon.Those who don't believe Kanji is gay cite that his crush on Naoto only happened because Naoto is actually female or that he was merely interested in them as a person, and not as someone who was thought to be male.They must look past what is on the screen, explore a mysterious world inside the TV and perform rescue missions in order to save its victims from death.