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When a girl values herself by being valued first by her father (both for she accomplishes), this sets a lifelong trend of a girl having self respect.

She was a cheerleader for Villanova when the couple was dating. It’s Villanova.”Pennsylvania has been a terrific place for the couple to raise a family. The oldest, Taylor, was a three-sport athlete at Episcopal Academy, playing forward for the basketball team for three years and quarterback in football for three, while pitching and playing middle infield for four years. And in 2013, Taylor Wright made fourteen appearances out of the bullpen as a sophomore and recorded sixteen innings of work.

The Doylestown, Pennsylvania native made Dean’s List in the fall of 2012 and graduated with a BA in Communications. It seems the couple’s decision to make the move to Villanova was a no-brainer. But what we really want to know about the Wright family is who picks out Jay Wright’s clothes?

This is not to say that boy/girl relationships are totally off limits before age 18. Girls can meet en masse with young men at Steak and Shake, Burger King or the local pizza place, at the homes of (carefully chosen) friends for get-togethers , with parents present…whom the girls’ parents know…and who share similar values.

The girls can attend football games, bonfires, skating parties with boys, and a few astute, warm and friendly chaperone parents.

That’s the motivation of this post- to answer the people who have asked me the question of what we do.

But I’m not posting this to argue or try to prove that I am right and that there’s only one way to do this. If you don’t like these rules, or if you vehemently disagree with them, or if you think they are stupid, or if you would just choose something different so be it, that’s FINE!Our girls dance in a preprofessional dance company, and some of their ‘best buddies’ are the young men with whom they are partnered and dance.They attend supervised dances, skating parties and the like.Jay Wright’s wife Patty Wright feels right at home on the Villanova campus. Patricia Wright (formerly Reilly) is a Villanova graduate of the class of 1983.Patty Wright is the mother of Jay Wright’s sons, Taylor (20), Collin (19), and daughter, Reilly (14).Girls and boys of teenaged age can do service work, meet in study groups, work together in clubs of mutual interest.