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MUto Q Sma U, executive director for the state board, said -Monday option the board will have to cohslder Is the ability of the two Junior colleges to handle a cutback greater than 3 percei^. ' He noted they received a 1206,000 additional appropriation and' exemption from, the 1 ■percent Ihtoyear; ■ —In reqtonse.-Tayloriuld be would contend- the appropriation to the.'Junior colleges Is made specifically for them by the Legislature aj Kl Uwi Uw nde ul Ui B b VM Uunl immply- ■to pasaonlhoaef Unda . Oieiyl Hymas ot Jerome and George MUler of Coeur dwene.— TB^t h e state dirt n nt„ -.receive tbe"8mouiit-.of~revenue orl|^fllly - tractural obligations to lulft U and a Ml MMitback-^vould-cauae-ufaannr'-lliai-o Iflclal B— - should lo(A-at-haw-ta hdp them-meet those— (Aligatkms,- - — arose because of the Mt. Helens eruption - and U ie sta tepenitentlary Tlot ~— — Taylor-al Bo acknowledged'Qiat the state has "an^obligatlon to help conununities hit by ash Sil^J'LJil'^l S^^^i Jri SS^^ Taylor said be believes he can mee Vbur 3 don't M OTHii*dmto ur^e to rush out pet^cnt-sharet Lby economlzlno In the three penitentiary, hesa.ld,., ^ expens MTone^ime purch Sies and capital "Re^ assured, we win visit with the slate ' * tnard and will be agreeable to a point," Taylor-sald.

District restric Uve environment required by' Jud Be Marlon Calllsler Monday says federal law. The third class, of "'" """"^ — u4ilch the estimated SO mentally-re' .tarded.children.are-a part,-doinot receive appropriate plocements or effect Ive treotmenl. and the boy was moved to a Boise _ -- — ^ group home; All the facilities where the full names of the four children ' Dusty was sent are labeled as."tnap- named in the court action will be kept propriale"tnthec6urtaction.Dusty R„ rng the children in the Slate Hospital 15, who resided at the ' Blacitfoot South, lhe;la\v3uit says', Idaho lias facility until social workers moved sentenced the minors to unproductive him to the Idaho Youth Hanch; That The'second clal Trecelv^' me nia] — futures wlthout-troinlngorcduca Uon.— p Iacemen Uaiso Jldj)o Lwork..i Lsay3._ health treatment, but not in the least , An order slnied by u.s.confidential because Identification In llie lawsuit seeks a preliminary public would "subject them and their injunction requiring Idaho to provide families to public humliiation.-and education and treatment for the embarrassment." _ children and demands the minors be Jeff D., 17.

who Is identifled~as siepegoted from the criminally In- .

the'con- cenlratloa: camp survivoir''whcrh(^-workcd- for "35 .^»eais to bring^azh wai^mlhals-tt Ritstice Hw— awarded a special gold medal Tuesday by Presidmt Carter. i VPl) "~A~po Ilcrofncer~ testified Tuesday he found five Ku Ktux. Nazls on trial for murderjn a gun-laden van be , stopped shortly after a shootout at a communist- sponsored "Death lo the Kton" rally. ' , f ■ * Firefighters, battle brushffr^s — SHOSHWE^FWs^MW^WTOngeiiresiililctr blackened an estimated 3,000 acres were reported ■ undercontrollate Tuesdayr No injuries were reported,"Bureau of Uiid Man- agement firefighters said. Idaho Palls and Shoshone BLM— districts bat Ued the blaze. OOO- acre fire located 10 mllr National Convention. The coalition opposed provisions^ that could open the door to oil explora* Uon in the Arctic Wildlife Range, timber cutting In southeast Alaska and lack of wilderness protection In some areas of the state. ' " Durlng-one~vote,~Go Idwater"sald~ that Gravel's roll calls were prevent- -Ing— members-of— the-Senate-JUk.

' ' In presenting the medal Unit was 'authorized last year by Congress, Carter-praised WIesenthal for working ■'Dereislenllv, tln^l«»riip«v.. Officer' AA, League, who was about a block and a half away from the.scene when five members of the c. -tefligencc Commlttee-from meeting to discuss an issue that he said was of .'grave concem to the nation. ^™ _a rmoffm carly: Georgft: Doindcralic primary returns Tuesday night.

™ KKK defendants i dentified -- Alaska lands debate cut of When the Senate convened Tues- day, It was prepared to vote on a conrnromise bill worked out by key senators involved in the Alaskan was wltl Mut precedent because it came on an issue In which tlic Senale- — bad.already- agreed - la a - total debate - tjme Hm ltof S O hours in order to avoid a filibuster. tlie concentratlon...eanip com; _roandantexecuted-l n-ifl6i by-lsrael-fr ' " —during World War Tir : WIesenthal now heads the Jewisli Documentation ' Center In Vienna and acts as a consultant for the . Shoshone BLM DIslrlc J Fire Infarmnllon _ Off icer Carlos Mendlola said winds measured at 45 _ m ph~£itirc K lywhlpped thc. Alaskan land as wildemess.- Gravd has argued that any such ^'Alaskanlandsb UTwouldi Uock up" too- much land that had oil, gas, mining —and tlmber-potentlalj Sravel, who ls_ ..engaged ln.a.tou^re:elc Iil7]s_ aligned with Alaskan developers who E refer to fight the federal government rcourt'over what lands In their state can be developed economically.

' Simon WIesenthal ls hugged by Pro^ideiii ' Carter after ccrern Vnles at the Cai Jiiol Nazi-hunter awarded medal ■ ® 1980, The Los Angeles Times ."-WASHINGTOfi L-'Simfln Wlescnthol. — stopped-the Tellow Ford-van'becaus BTmother Dfflcer- . had radioed that It was part of a Klan-Nazl caravan that had been heading to the rally. Six Klansmen and nozls are charged with murder __and felony rioting In the Nov. "^^^ ' - Asked If he saw-any of the defendants in the van, League pointed to four Ivlttnsmen and one of the two Nazis on trial — Klansmen Morgan, Coleman Blair — Erldmora,. Simoh WIesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies at Yeshlva University of Los Ai^es. esllmated 2,000 acres of sagebrush and dried grass 10 miles south oftaroyond — Just south of II. Waic out of control before It::, was reported at A"totai'ort S"nrcnglitei*s from the Boise. — The•AIaska■Coalltlon^agrbupof-S2■- envl^6nmalta Iist groups^ called Uie -compromisc-bill-i^a-kcy-slgp-loward- enactlng an Alaska lands bill tliis year," biit still did not support it. But Gravel worked hi s way a round th e rt Urnrvartety of parilaiiie Mary~ maneuvers that led to rep Jated time-consuming roll-call votes.

"But if we are asked to go beyond that, to keep us' operating 1 woutt Tproba Uy have to raise prt^puty tmes," Taylor said Tuesday. we wi H_ atempt to slow their actton oo that bails," he saldr^We-aie oertabdy-w UUng to workwllh the state board In aw way we can.