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well, she’s not just an ex-wife, she’s an ex-human now - hahaha, I’m sorry I shouldn’t joke.

To me was so alone and as I was glad to see again at myself yours e-mail. I very much value our friendship and is very glad to see you as my friend.

I like your understanding through my keys of the keyboard.

My phone number is this phone number 44 7899 XXXXXX. well obviously I haven’t seen most of them in years because I’m in here.

Some visit from time to time but most of them deserted me after what happened with my ex-wife…

I never thought and did not know that it is possible to be on friendly terms through letters.

Thanks that you have released my soul from chains of a household life.I’m looking forward to speaking at you via my telecoms system.Perhaps I could demonstrate some of my imprestinations I can do, for example Lord Jimmy the Savile “now there, now there.” LOL (Laughing On Line (again)).But I have calmed her and have let know, that you very good man, and that you can be trusted!!!! But seriously, I would love to hear your voice with my ears, it is not the same seeing your voice in writing.My dear Richard, I have understood now, that I very much would like to hear your voice! Richard I to wish to tell to you, that the house at me is not present now any phone!!! Please call me, it would be magical to talk to in personage.Hello Miss Krystyna, I wanted to share with you the disappointing experience.