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I would like to call a method and pass a value to it on a link button autogenerated from the database in a templatefield inside a datagrid.I don't know much about delegates protected void Grid View1_Row Data Bound(object sender, Grid View Row Event Args e) void view Selected Message(object sender, int message ID) running the website and viewing the page source, I have realised that there is an On Click event created for the linkbutton, however, this may be generated anyways.** ** $Id: random.c,v 1.1 ************************************************************************* ** This file contains code to implement a pseudo-random number ** generator (PRNG) for SQLite.

** ************************************************************************* ** This file contains code associated with the ANALYZE command.** ** @(#) $Id: analyze.c,v 1.1 ** May you do good and not evil.*/ if( p Level- ** Calls to the code generator in between sqlite3Where Begin and ** sqlite3Where End will have created code that references the table ** directly. cannot compute difference between binary files Modified bin/Designer/SQLite. cannot compute difference between binary files Added bin/System. This loop scans all that code looking for opcodes ** that reference the table and converts them into opcodes that ** reference the index. = null) throw new Argument Exception("Unable to enlist in transaction, a local transaction already exists"); if (_enlisted == true) throw new Argument Exception("Already enlisted in a transaction"); Modified bin/Compact Framework/System. ** ************************************************************************* ** This file contains C code routines that are called by the parser ** to handle SELECT statements in SQLite.

** ** $Id: select.c,v 1.1 rmsimpson Exp $ */ #include "sqlite Int.h" /* ** Delete all the content of a Select structure but do not deallocate ** the select structure itself.*/ void clear Select(Select *p) /* If any row exist in the result set, record that fact and abort. If there are problems, leave an error message ** in p Parse and return non-zero.*/ static int prep Select Stmt(Parse *p Parse, Select *p){ int i, j, k, rc; Src List *p Tab List; Expr List *p EList; p Src); /* Look up every table named in the FROM clause of the select.This ** is slightly different from resolving a normal SQL expression, because simple ** identifiers are treated as strings, not possible column names or aliases.** ** This only applies to the root node of p Expr, so the statement: ** ** ATTACH DATABASE abc