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Just like our fingerprints, no two people have the exact same eye color or iris pattern in the entire world.

Many of these personality traits are assumptions based on studies and data collected through different research; they're not definitive answers for who we are. I have green eyes, and those are the most beautiful of them all.

Psychology Today says that people tend to find men and women with dark eyes seem more dominant and powerful than their light-eyed counterparts.Researchers think this might be because of social surroundings rather than a genetic advantage.It's pretty cool to think I may be stronger than some of my dark-eyed friends.But, honestly, I'm not really sure which option I would rather prefer in this situation: being able to handle the pain of giving birth or responding to the meds faster.Basically, the more melanin in the brain, the more efficiently, sensitively and quickly the brain can work, the researchers reported.

That means, if you're playing a game that requires quick thinking and some solid hand-eye coordination, your dark-eyed friends may have the upper hand.

Our brown-eyed friends are likely to be the more responsible ones, which means we should all bring out at least one dark-eyed pal for happy hour (as long as he or she doesn't try to keep up). ) are some of the more mysterious of the bunch and certainly the most unpredictable.

People with green eyes love freedom, project sex appeal and perform well under great pressure. Please do not think there is any bias.)Those with blue eyes have a bright and happy nature, are often the most sincere out of the bunch (despite the majority of people thinking they are the least trustworthy) and are highly intellectual.

A study conducted in Australia found that people with lighter eyes were found to be "less agreeable" and far more competitive than those with dark eyes. A study published in PLo S One found that people will more often choose faces with dark eyes when asked who they would trust in a group of pictures.

After examining hundreds of participants, researchers found that people with dark eyes are more likely to be characterized using words like "empathy, friendliness, generosity and compassion."Really? Unemotional, heartless, detached, cold, resting bitch face? People with blue eyes tended to appear the least trustworthy. Does that mean we're picking the least trustworthy people we can find to take home every weekend?

The study also indicates that people with lighter eyes are more likely to abuse alcohol and consume large quantities in one serving.