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“I could see that this was ground-breaking stuff, but for me it was just another job,” says the photographer, these days largely retired and living outside London.

“It was my idea that they write the shop name on their buttocks.

“So, to me, everyone in England seemed ashamed of the fact that they had sexual needs.

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At the time Forum was trying to be legit and I had to focus on the social context, at the expense of a certain amount of the in-your-face irony and sheer silliness.” So how did the day play out?

“I had to get the hell out of there once we were through,” says Richmond.

, a monthly pocket-sized publication where sexual relations were surveyed in a serious, non-prurient manner.

Ever on the look-out for subject-matter, Richmond was drawn by the giant pink rubber SEX sign which had been erected on the facade of 430 King’s Road the previous autumn.

I thought it would add another fun element to the session, and they were certainly up for it.” Included in some shots is Jones in a so-called “Tits” t-shirt and Hynde and an unidentified female in rubber dresses by John Sutcliffe’s company Atomage.

A couple of years before he died, Mc Laren recalled that the red-haired woman was of Jewish extraction and hailed from Finchley, in north-west London.When the women painted the letters S, E, and X on their buttocks and started sticking their arses into the photographer’s face I thought: ‘This is too hot for !These people are on another planet’.” Dagley is more phlegmatic.But I saw that the t-shirts with the porn extracts were part of the overall act of rebellion.Whatever they could do to piss off people, they would.” Richmond also suspected that the rubber-wear was part of the arsenal of provocation. We’re going to throw this in your face and get a reaction from you.’ I suppose the Sex Pistols were a natural progression of that attitude.” Richmond distinctly remembers Malcolm Mc Laren being present on the visit in spring 1976, though he took a back-seat role as Westwood gave the journalist a tour and history of their residence at the site, laced with polemic.“In fact they didn’t stock her products, but I realised that it was a great subject for Forum.