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You must accept the License Agreement to continue installation.(Please note that the Share File Plugin for Microsoft Outlook Versions 3.0 and later installs only for the current logged-in user.During the testing phase of the Meta Search plugin development effort, we noticed that service s where not always up to date, or even pointed to unreachable servers like ‘

Click here for information and troubleshooting steps from Trend Micro.

The Share File Outlook Plugin is not supported with any 3rd party service or add-in and cannot be guaranteed to function properly when used in conjunction with other add-ins.

Most importantly, you’ll see that there is a link of the type OGC: WMTS.

Close the ‘Record Metadata’ window and note that the ‘Add ) and press the ‘Add’ button.

This plugin allows users to generate and edit metadata from within QGIS by using some templates to ease the input of all the standard fields in the forms!

If you have multiple email addresses connected to the same Outlook client, the Share File Outlook Plugin will only send emails with Share File attachments via the email address listed as the default under Data Files within the Outlook client Account Settings.In the list of results, click the service ‘Weggegevens WFS’. You just loaded the vector data in QGi S and directly from the data source (you can of course save the data offline as a Shape file in QGIS: select the layer in the legend and select ‘Save as’ in the right click menu).The same data is also available as Since the metadata of the geographic data and services available from the clearinghouse are now easily vieweable, you may notice a lot of omissions and errors.You may find yourself in need for some vector data containing the speed limits on the motorways in The Netherlands, right?Go to the tab ‘Search’ in the Meta Search plugin, and search for the keyword ‘weggegevens’.This new Meta Search plugin makes searching metadata and using the services peanuts!