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“We are very cautious about how we market our products,” he said.

“We’re like a liquor retailer in that we want our products to be used responsibly.” Walton says a perfect example of his company’s legal cover comes with the devices that allow customers to track a cell phone.

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The laws regarding surveillance devices differ from the state to state and there are various ethical questions surrounding their use by average citizens, according to Mark Rasch, a lawyer who specializes in computer security cases.

“Most people misinterpret the law and what they’re allowed to do with devices like these,” Goldstein told Huff Post Weird News. People think they’re legally allowed to spy on their spouses and it’s probably not true, depending on how it’s done.” A former attorney who has worked his share of divorce cases, Goldstein says he made sure to cover himself legally.

“One of my friends has a kid at a particular school and there are questions about what goes on in the classroom,” Greco told Huff Post Weird News.

“She is thinking about putting one of the hidden cameras in the school room.” Walton says that the two groups who seem to be buying the products the most are women worried their man is cheating, and parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t sexting or getting inappropriate photos themselves.

“These products produce a better mousetrap.” But a mousetrap is only as good as the person who sets the trap and some people, such as Angela Daffron, who runs Jodi’s Voice, an anti-stalking advocacy group, worry that the technology sold at the Cheaters Spy Shop can be used by stalkers as well as spurned lovers.

“I was personally affected by the use of a program called Flexi Spy which was placed on my cell phone to monitor GPS and all communications on or around the phone,” she told Huff Post Weird News by email.However, he said that on a few occasions, when the marketplace has become a little too hot, there is enforcement.“From what I see, the pot is about to boil over again.’ and that guy might say, ‘Just buy this voice-activated recorder and hide it under the dashboard of her car.'” “When it hits the fan, guess who the lawyers come looking for? “There have also been similar cases where private investigators just dispense advice like this.They get prosecuted, and the spouse who actually did the bugging gets off due to ‘matrimonial immunity.'” Murray says modern electronic surveillance has been regulated by law since 1968, but due to benign neglect and more pressing crimes, enforcement is rare.“There is a license agreement from the manufacturer that says the customer specifically can’t install it on someone else’s phone without their knowledge,” he said.