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Back in the early 60's there was a place on about 57th and State where the kids would walk for a hot dog and a soda for $.25. Then there was a bible school class in the back of a drug store and you could get hot dog and drink for a .25. I had a music teacher at St Patrick's Grade School in E St Louis, IL, in the late 60s who had such a positive influence in my life. GIGOLO truly you are great man, do you need his help also?

There was Bob and Jerry's and then there was Riedels but this was on 57th. My brother Jerry worked at the Neiders dairy on Caseyville Ave. used to pick up my journal papers at the Spot tavern at 42 and Forest blvd. Main Street was booming in those days, even with St. I took the medicine as prescribed by him and 19 days later i was cured from HIV, Dr.

So we walked the whole five message downtown and back too! I went to Hawthorne and Lansdowne, we moved in 1973. I only lived there a few months but I remember playing in the street (dead end) I rode my bike with a family of 3 children. They had a Lumber Yard and used building supply place. I am reaching out to see if any one know my people.. / Margaret (Harney) Mc Atee and Ernest Touchette / Jean (Wallace) Touchette. Then Sharon Goosby who used to seat in front of me in the art room and talk but I was the one who got call on. I left many years ago and still have memories around those years. Mom and Dad bought the house new when they had their first child. After growing out of the house, my dad built one in a new subdivision, on Highwood Dr., off 161, in west Belleville, and my life change forever-houses were farther apart, not as many kids. I was going into 7th grade, and missed my old friends. (My dear neighborhood friend, Debbie Ellsworth-I never saw her again, and missed her terribly-although I did see her brother, Harold, from time to time, when he came to hang out with my brothers.) Went to St. May you all find peace where ever your perfect selves call home. We don't worry about police brutality, driving while black, crime or roving gangs in our commuinity. And maybe you would know Katy Brown and Nate Grady graduated East Side 1957. I'm sure that you can get the answers that you want if you leave your contact information. My mom (wanda) lived on Mullanphy st near 25th and my dad worked in corner market. HE had an aunt that lived in the apartment complex not far from market and close to cass ave. Faye Black, Frnces Dr[pron, Linda Barbeau, Vicki Edsall, Joyce Campanella, Ruth Ann Bateman, June Fields, Connie Kimball, Please if anyone knows where any of the following peoples are let us know. Louis Il my parents had a grocery store at 49 Caseyville ave and later on Kingshighway I went to Holy Angles School and ninth grade at landsdown Jr High after WW11 operated a bakery at 31st and Summit Ave until 1955 and then moved to Fairview Hgts my oldest daughter went to st. Charlie was one of the toughest guys I've ever known. I spent two years at Up of Alabama, graduated from Washington U with a BSN in 1946. My name is Reginald Graham, brother to Rodney (Rock) Graham. We used to live on 75th Street and moved to 25th State, before we left ESL... I also remember not wanting to say the 'F' word and avoided doing so by saying 'Flux-ya' when necessary. If you don't mind I'd like to hear from you about any memories of working with him, the store and East St. You can post them on this site or contact me via email at [email protected] Bill- the drug store at 33rd and State was Eisele pharmacy until about 1960. Used to stop there after school at Clark and use the coke machine. My sister went ot Holy Rosary and then we went to Canteen grade school. Hawthorne and these businesses shared the corner of 37th and Caseyville Ave. It is hard to go back home for most everyone, things are not the same no matter where you came from.I would be interested in hearing any news of Steve or anyone else from that area and era. I can only remember 2 of their names Jean (boy) and Sandy (girl) There were 2 sisters that played badmitton in the street for hours. I haven't been back since my grandma Delilah passed away about 6 years ago.. Dad's siblings are Edmund Jr., John (Jack) and Elizabeth Mc Atee. My name was Carole Grenawalt, I'm on classmates but haven't join in sometime. Philip grade school from 61-64, then unfortunately my parents pulled us out, and started driving us to St. Do anyone remember the radio broadcast ever Sunday evening. After75 years your love and repect willcarrying on for many years through the stories told down. For Paula Coombs: Do you know where Lynn Robinson (think her father was principal of Lincoln around the time you graduated and Jewel ??? [email protected](rippelmeyer)I am in search of anyone who knew the claro family. He was called Big Jim or Honest Jim.(james) Does this spend familiar to anyone? It is almost everyone approaching 65 hasnashied just fanashied. Patricks for grade school and then to Notre Dame many fond memories MY HUSBAND ATTENDED c LARK j R h IGH AND WAS ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM THERE THE CURRENT PICTURES I DON'T RECOGNISE I REMEMBER THE OLD DOWMTOWN AREA AND EVERY WEEK TOOK IN A COUPLE MOVIES AT THE majestic THEATERTo Sue Sitterson, your brother Charlie Stufflebean and his wife Linda were great friends of mine. My grandparents lived in La Salle Hills Sadly for me, most of my family has past away EXCEPT for my little sister, Rosalyn Graham and big brother Rodney. I just hope that GOD allow his grace to dwell inside ESL!!! However, I guess we went our separate ways at East Side but I never forgot that first day of school at Landsdown. As an adult have been all over the world and seem much of its best. High History home room teacher in 1964-66) Where are you now ? We regularly shopped at Sears and attended my first movie in downtown. I remember on the rare occasion to eat at Nightspot. Hi everyone its me Stanley Jones again this my third time on this site I didn't get a response from the last time while being on this site,so I guess there is no one out there that remembers the Jones family so Iam out of here,love y'all. Most of us had nothing to do with the demise of ESL, but have everything to do with making it our fondest memories ever.Michael was a baker and owned a wholesale pie business and a small restaurant. Desks in the newer section were free standing with tilt-up desk tops and attached chair. My family lived on Washington Place And they I think lived on Ohio I believe. It was across the street from Rickman Furniture and the NCR building was on the other side of it. I don't know much about her except that her name is Angela Christine but I don't know a last name. Sports played a important part of our lives but it was a big part of friendships for us as well.I'd love to know the names of the businesses or at least the street addresses so I can track down photos. I am African-American my name is Elsie and Gates, Sylvia was Mexican and Teresa was Caucasian. We believe she was born around Washington Park, and St Louis area. The school system faired well for me and I now hold a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Technology, Master of Information Science, Master of Environmental Policy & Law and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (JD).I moved to Dallas in 1962 upon graduating sixth grade. I am trying to find a very old and dear childhood friend I lost contact with in the early 1970's. Education at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School during the 60’s was memorable. Louis, which he later moved to the foot of Signal Hill. Dad was always working it seemed but did close the drugstore on Sundays and we ate out every Sunday.

If anyone has any images of the school or the city in those years, I would love to see them. For Betty Hart: Your sister Carol and I were very good friends for a short amount of time when we all lived on 53rd. Went to Catholic grade school with him down the street from Tony Tordowdski's (not sure on the spelling) tavern in EST. Each classroom was filled and there were two classrooms per grade. Such wonderful memories of childhood with lots of freedom!

Yes for you younger ones they were called drug stores and not Pharmacies. Is anyone out there that went to Morrison in the 60's? Like me, she mentioned being born in 1947 and attended Longfellow School Rock Jr. She also mentioned the name of Jack Theiss who was a classmate and friend in my homeroom class and other classes at Rock from 1959 to 1961. Kennedy who said her name sounded like 'Candy" and the beautiful Miss Mann who all us boys just adored. We played baseball, home plate was where the silo was that would allow us to slide down to the ground in the event of a fire.

Does any one remember the stores name where the man dresses as a clown. Elmo Bush was our HR teacher -- an amazing teacher. Spent a lot of time at Jones Park and at my grandparents' house on 55th Street a block from Caseyville Rd. I now live in New Zealand, by the way, where I moved with my wife and two kids in 1980 - a beautiful paradise and wonderful place to live. As a first grader, I got conked on the chin by a swinging bat rounding the silo, so I learned that lesson the hard way.

I believe they went to a Catholic grade school Does anyone know people in ESL, IL named Dwyer, Donahue, Presnall or Cross? Please feel free to contact: La Mar Taylor, JD, MSEL, MLS, BS La Mar [email protected] Fred Stanton. Just wondering what ever happened to that mythical figure.

They would be relatives and I am trying to trace my grandfather's family there. His parents were Michael James Dwyer and Anna Donahue Dwyer. Iwas wondering if any on remember Ron Pennington HE PLAYED IN A BAND CALLED THE TIKEYS ANND THE PLAY BOYS BACK IN THE 6OS AND 70S he lived in Washington park played at teen town and other places in East ST Louis he lived on forest place right off of waverly ave Born 1923, and grew up in Lansdown at 38 St and Linden. I walked to Hawthorne grade school, the brand new Lansdowne Jr. My longtime friend and the drummer and singer for The Cobras, Tom Wiginton(Wigg) sent me a message that there was a nice message on this chat board about me. To Don Druse post date 27 July 2014 Don, I don't know if you remember me but on my first day in a public school, Landsdown Jr.

This message is for Julia who inquired about a celebration her grandparents attended. Know that Melba married Benny and Carol married Bill. What about Gene, Sandy and Sharon Wallace : I remember the gravel lot next to the store on the corner of Longfellow school around 1963/64 . My mother, Emmaline King (now Mc Hale), was born in ESL in 1928. They had an older brother, Larry, who has since passed. Their parents were Samuel and Eddia King; they both died when my mother was young, so she and Edith moved from ESL in the mid 30's to live with relatives. (Never knew her last name) Don Druse: Related to Ron Druse...lived close to Parson Field..the bus line. High with him...together in homeroom class taught by Cathleen O'Reilly... One day he was there and the next day we were told he no longer was teacing. We are in an upswing that not many communities get to experience. I was born at Christian Welfare and went to St Joseph's which looks like it might then have been St Augustine's. The Moore's lived across the street and another neighbor named Blassingame, I think it was. Louis was athriving community then, I can remember the entire neighborhood sweeping streets after mowing and taking the limbs that had fallen and making a fire for hot dogs and marshmellows. Try being thankful for what you have and sharing meals together; I sincerely believed itis what worked for us. Friday evening we walked to the then Waverly Theater, where we paid ten cents for a ticket. Anyway, I remember Teentown in Washington Park, and you playing the guitar in the Cobra band while Polly Flowers sang for the first time that night.