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No charges have been filed against any administrators in these cases.

As an aside, our county public school system is not at all interested in protecting students.Their child abuse policy, the one they use to train teachers, is 25 years out of date from current Maryland law.Passing the trash, as it were, would be a improvement on what we have in our County. We even had one teacher indicated for child abuse by Child Protective Services.That teacher was also left in the classroom for another decade before being removed. Code 3490.56) have included a safety plan if the person who is the subject of the child abuse report at a child-care agency is a "volunteer." Senate Bill 1116 amended this section of the CPSL to now make the plan of supervision or alternative arrangement applicable to child-care services and school employees, including an "independent contractor" of the agency or school.Question: What do you suggest for criminal code changes to hold administrators responsible when they know about teachers that could be abusing students?

What is the solution to get administrators to take their jobs seriously and protect children OVER teachers?

Also, speaking from the point of view of the abused - it is HARD to stand up and face your abuser.

As a victim, you often blame yourself and feel culpability in the abuse. " We carry the shame and blame of what the adults did to us, and, quite frankly, think it was our fault.

Yes, the administrators had determined that this teacher could not touch students, yet left him in the classroom.

Apparently, there is no penalty for administrators that know about teachers who should not touch students and who leave them in classrooms.

One trial involves the rape of a middle school student and the other trial involves the creation of porn using K-2nd grade students in his music classroom.