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That is the reason that Duane identifies so much with Native American heritage, and why he always sports an eagle feather in his hair.However, this claim has aroused controversy, with many Native Americans in the United States claiming that Duane is not actually a part of them and just using them for marketing.

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The family grew up in a very modest household where there sometimes was not enough for everyone.This rough and tumble lifestyle led Duane to drop out of school in the seventh grade by the time he was just 13 years old.He was with a friend who was trying to buy drugs from a man.Allegedly, as Duane was sitting in the car waiting for the deal to go down when his friend shot and killed the man.Once the bounty hunter finds the suspect, they perform a citizen’s arrest and bring the suspect back to the jurisdiction of the court.

The bounty hunter makes his money by taking a cut of the bail.

The two got the divorce, and La Fonda kept Duane child.

La Fonda would go on to quickly remarry, getting hitched to Duane’s former best friend. While in prison, Duane saw a person trying to escape.

Duane was arrested and convicted of first degree murder, and sentenced to five years at the Texas State Penitentiary.

He was doing hard labor for the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas when he was informed that his wife of five years La Fonda was keen on divorcing him.

According to the reports and according to Duane himself, he ran up to the prisoner and tackled him before the jail wardens could get a shot off at him.