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Orient Beach is a truly majestic setting with the mountains rising up all around.Not to mention the beautiful tiny islands of Green Key, Tintamare and Pinel Island just off shore.Snorkeling equipment is also available at several places on the beach, just as many other amenities.

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On the beach as such, ALL beach bars are wiped out.All vegetation, the palm coves and almost all coconut trees are gone.However, the beach still consists of a large curve of white sand and the colors of the sea are still beautifully blue and turquoise.The vegetation will grow back quickly and the first beach bar is going to open soon - The Perch Bar & Grill at Club Orient.Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of classical Fighting and RPG.

This game lets you equip countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques!he area has been recognized as a marine reserve, so snorkeling in the marine park is just incredible.There is also great snorkeling off nearby Caye Verte (Green Key), one of the small beautiful islands dotting the coast, such as Tintamarre and Pinel Island do.So where ever you are on Orient Bay, never forget to put on enough sunblocker!Strains of Salsa, Samba, or Merengue music waft over you from the trendy bars that are dotting the beach.Orient Bay is about a two miles long powdery white sand beach. It is a beach full of fun and action, all the great water sports and watersports equipment, and lots of food and refreshment choices as well.