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Mr Albright, a journalist, was "a prince arriving completely out of the blue" - although she had a hard time winning over his wealthy and famous family, who felt she was not in the same class.But Mrs Albright, who eventually became the highest-ranking woman in the history of the US government, did marry her prince."I had tried the glass slipper, and it fit[ted]," she writes. In life, it is merely the beginning of a new chapter."She gave birth to premature twins, Alice and Anne, who struggled for life but survived.

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"I also know that the experience made it clear to me that a woman should have the right to choose, especially in difficult cases, and that a decision to terminate cannot possibly ever be made without much pain."A third pregnancy resulted in a healthy daughter, Katherine.

"A portrait of the Albright family in the mid-Seventies would have shown a happily married couple, with three smart and beautiful daughters," writes Mrs Albright.

One of Taiwan’s most popular and beloved dramas is indisputably and elevating the niche story to greater consciousness and a wider audience.

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng‘s OTP of Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu remain the gold standard IMO for the two iconic characters of Kotoko and Naoki, so seeing them reunited this summer for the C-variety show has been nothing short of wanting to squee and awww the entire time watching it.

In her memoirs, published in America yesterday, she writes frankly about how her husband left her for a beautiful younger woman, utterly shattering her confidence and her dreams of being the perfect American wife and mother.

His announcement that their marriage was over was a "thunderbolt", she says.Afterwards, she went through agony as he kept changing his mind about whether he wanted to return.When she realised that the marriage was over, she was able to overcome her loneliness and regain her feelings of self-worth only by throwing herself into work and leaning on her female friends.But he must’ve missed his family, if not his real life one then his most famous television one, because recently Joe hosted pretty much the entire cast ofas well) at his restaurant Destino.The main getogether happened right after he got discharged and included his co-star Ariel Lin, famed Director Winnie (who reportedly is working on a drama that is going to star Joe), and his adorable onscreen and offscreen parents Chang Yung Cheng and Cyndi Chaw.Mrs Albright, who served as President Clinton's secretary of state, has long had a reputation as a formidable political operator whose high-octane career allowed no room for personal emotion.