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There are few things more attractive than when someone can rock a boots and a cowboy hat.

Lucky for Wyomingites, the ability to look good in both comes natural for them. Whether they’re joined in unison cheering on University of Wyoming athletics or at the local rodeo supporting their hometown rider, Wyomingites are no stranger to showing a little love. If you’re dating a Wyomingite, they’ll always be pushing you to try new awesome things, constantly bringing you along for unforgettable experiences.

Dating in Jackson is not exactly a walk in the park.

Locals often joke that the two seasons in Wyoming are winter and wind.

Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t seem too far off from the truth.

Few things can ruin a day like hitting a pronghorn.

Not only do they often cause expensive damage to your car, it can also be very dangerous.

While your special Wyomingite might not need to literally hold you down, it always helps to have an extra person to chase down important papers that go sailing away.

If there’s one thing that Wyoming does better than anywhere else in the country, it’s a sunset.

Most parts of Wyoming have a tendency to get pretty chilly for long stretches during the year.

As a result, Wyomingites have perfected the art of using body heat to stay warm.

A side effect of this protein filled diet is that most Wyomingites might as well work in a 5-star restaurant when it comes to preparing select cuts.

If you’re dating a Wyomingite, they’ll make sure you’re eating well. In a state that’s so sparsely populated, help isn’t always right around the corner.

Not only does this mean they’ll be able to defend the ones they love at home in the event of a break-in or zombie apocalypse, a Wyomingite will also be able to make sure the freezer is always full of fresh meat.