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We looked into the bedrooms, but both the big rooms were already occupied by groups, so we chose the smaller bedroom and he closed the door.

I sat down and spread my legs and and he moved between them. He continued to tease me until I started to hump my wet pussy against his face as he licked me.

He kissed me again and then knelt in front of me pulling my feet up onto the edge of the bed. He licked the juices from my slit and then used the tip of his tongue to slowly and gently circle my clit. Then while he was still sucking my clit, he slid two fingers into me. Then, he laid down on the bed and told me to suck him.

I looked forward to her "after party" stories and enjoyed many more.

After several months of hearing Jen's fuck stories, at another party we saw "MJ".

I gasped softly when he parted my pussy lips and slipped two fingers into my wet cunt. Then I crossed the room to climb the stairs to use the bathroom.

He must have followed me because he was outside the bathroom door when I was coming out.

Author notes This is a "stag" cuckold story based on real life events. My wife Jen and I have been swingers, practically from the first day we met on a "libertine" website in France.

A stag cuckold differs from the classical definition of a cuckhold in that there is no element of humiliation of the husband, but he is turned on by his hotwife (or slutwife) being seduced and fucked by other men. Since then, we have enjoyed a wide variety of very memorable sexual experiences including mmf and mff threesomes, private parties with multiple couples, swing clubs and saunas.

His cock was so big and thick, it stretched me and filled me completely. I felt his cock jerk again and again as it emptied his balls into my pussy.

When he finished coming, he pulled me up to sit in front of him, tore the condom off his still hard cock and made me clean him with my mouth.

He kissed me again more passionately, then slipped his hand inside my black lace panties to caress my ass.