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“For the last 30 years, Italy has been subjected very strongly to Berlusconi TV, which has a lot of semi-naked women and triviality.

These things present themselves as harmless but it’s a dangerous culture.

Previous guests have included Italian born chef and I'm A Celebrity winner Gino D'Campo.

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In Italy, what does not exist on TV does not exist.” “I was scared by the ban, and by RAI’s Orwellian-style letter, but the day after, there was a huge explosion of interest on the internet.

The print numbers have doubled and people were spreading the trailer through Facebook.” Gandini, who made the documentary Gitmo – The New Rules of War, about Guantanamo Bay, interviewed staff who worked on Berlusconi’s channels and filmed near his Sardinia summer resort.

An Italian presenter has been criticised for wearing a crucifix and rosary beads while reading the news.

Marina Nalesso, 44, has worn the religious accessories on several occasions during broadcasts on Italy's state-owned channel TG1.

Mr Bigazzi - who has been on the show for more than ten years - said that it had all been a 'misunderstanding' and that he would be more than happy to explain to TV bosses what had happened.

He added: 'It's all a big mix up - once they see the video they will see that there is nothing untoward, it's just a misunderstanding and I don't really want to say anything else.' Mr Bigazzi, who is from Tuscany and has written several cookbooks said: 'I was just trying to explain a saying from where I come from about the eating of cats.Beppe Bigazzi, enraged animal rights experts around the country when he gave advice on preparing 'tender, white cat meat' in a section of the show usually reserved for advice about nutrition.Mr Bigazzi is co-presenter on Italy's version of Ready Steady Cook - called La Prova del Cuoco (The Cooks' Challenge).Mr Berlusconi’s company, Mediaset, which runs Italy’s private TV stations, also declined to screen the trailer.Since then, requests from cinemas in Italy to obtain a print of the film have shot up from 35 to 70 venues, leading to many hundreds more screenings.Italian TV is very superficial and very male chauvinistic.