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These law courts were relocated to a building at the nearby police station until the town's courts were declared redundant in 1988.

The White Horse was built in the 19th century and was refurbished in 2014.

Since then it has been the liveliest pub in Sedgley.

A year later it was re-branded Safeway, and since 2004 has been owned by Midcounties Co-Operative.

Midcounties Co-Operative society announced on the 2 February 2017 that the store had been sold to Asda.

The central area of Sedgley, so named because it was originally the site of bull baiting before the sport was declared illegal in 1835.

All signs of the actual ring were destroyed in about 1930 on the construction of a traffic island, but the traffic island is still known as the Bull Ring.

Since 1974 it has been part of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley.

Originally dotted with farming communities in the middle-ages, the village became industrialized as natural resources such as coal and limestone were exploited, and by the 18th century it was producing goods such as iron and brick.

The Gornal villages are generally not considered part of modern-day Sedgley, nor is the bulk of Woodsetton.

Gospel End is no longer even in the same county as Sedgley, having remained in Staffordshire.

Three-bedroom houses are the most frequent type of property in the area.