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Tracking down Hooters girls during the pageant weekend is a tough job, as the international media and Hooters photo teams are all there in force, but she did it remarkably well with calm under pressure.Aubrey Grey and the other behind-the-scene pageant coordinators were also amazing and the broadcast went smoothly and had great pace.With over 3 million members worldwide, you will find exactly what you’re looking for with SDC! We want SDC members to be able to connect with each other wherever they wish, so we constantly upgrade our system to make that as easy as possible.

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Finding the perfect balance of co-ed titillation, cheerleader sex appeal and gosh gee wiz Americana was the flash point the Hooters Six discovered, and they skillfully expanded and marketed the concept from Florida across the USA.

Corporate and franchisee opportunities developed, and now the ‘neighborhood restaurants’ total a staggering 450 worldwide, in places as far flung as Asuncion, Paraguay and Chengdu, China.And yes, it all started smack dab in the good ol’ USA in the Sunshine State.All girl-watching guys from around the globe owe a thumbs up and a hi-five to the Hooters Six, and the corporate and franchise geniuses who have kept it simple, real and focused on the original concept and continue to bring their “tacky, yet unrefined“ mantra to millions (billions) of girl-watchers worldwide! Doctors recommend no more than one or two minutes exposure in this mind numbing heat and humidity, yet the beaches and pools surrounding the spectacular Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, were packed, with well over 100 of the most stunning glamour girls anywhere on Earth.It was quite a scene as they were cavorting, tanning and modeling to their hearts’ content.None of this could have been possible without the stewardship of President, CEO, and top wingman of Hooters of America, Coby Brooks, who was also in attendance, and his remarkable super laid back leadership set a great tone for the corporate team. The now-famous Hooters restaurant concept was started in 1983 in Clearwater FL, with an arguably simple yet genius concept.