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Examples of sentences could be Why are we stuck here? One statement and one question are given to two players, and they can ONLY use these catch phrases during the scene.

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When a player gets to the letter Z, then they loop back to the letter A.If a player uses the wrong letter, takes too long, uses a weird word, or doesnt help the scene move forward, then they are replaced by a player waiting in the line off stage. Each of the remaining three is given an identity by the audience that player one has to guess; the nature of the identity is up to the host.Player one enters and asks the three bachelors/bachelorettes questions like a dating show and they will answer the questions as their character.The third player has to try and have a normal scene and can say whatever they want.

This game is similar to Revolver, but with five players.

The two players on stage are the childs parents and have to do their best to answer the constant questions.

The host gets a suggestion from the audience and asks one parent a question inspired by it.

Four players, A, B, C, and D each pick one corner of the stage, and player E stands in the center.

The host gets a suggestion for a scene from the audience and assigns it to players A, B, and E on the front of the stage.

From time to time, the host calls out a new suggestion.