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Your Feed and Go comes with a built in webcam (resolution 320 x 240).

I would recommend this product to anyone who has an animal they love. Best money I ever spent, thank you Feed and Go.” I am in love with this thing.I got a kitten (Ping) and decided I wanted to feed her mostly wet cat food. I had to plan a lot of my day around feeding her or I had to annoy my dad and sister and give them very specific details about how much to feed her and blah blah blah, IF they were even going to be home when she needed to be fed.Feed and Go lets you control your pet’s diet for wet and dry food, treats and even medication. You can control unlimited Feed and Go’s from one profile with just one click needed to switch feeders.With our built in webcam, Feed and Go gives pet parents great peace of mind when you can’t be at home with your pet.I would press the button a bunch of times and on the webcam she would never show up.

After awhile she figured it out and I'm able to see her come running into the room.

Your Feed and Go connects to your Wi-Fi network at home, and set up is really quick.

Don’t worry if your Wi-Fi loses reception though – once a schedule has been set, it’s stored in the feeder so will still work just fine, even if your Wi-Fi is having a bad day.

Now, with our new i OS and Android apps, we are the smartest pet feeder in the world.

Finally, Feed and Go looks so much cooler than anything else!

How about if you just want to check in and make sure your pet is ok?