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Boredom, winning favours and to get rid of a headache were high up the list.

Being given gifts in return for sexual favours isn't necessarily the hardnosed horse-trading it appears, given that plenty of the women surveyed also admitted to having sex 'so that men will like them'.Often, women who grew up fatherless or who have had chequered relationships with men find they have no blueprint for relating to men any way other than sexually.The authors also found that women have sex in a bid to 'win' - to poach a man from another women or to secure his long-term commitment.Then there's 'jealousy' sex, which involves having sex with someone else to re-ignite a partner's interest.Not long ago, I was talking to a single friend about her recent conquest.

'To be honest, I only slept with him out of politeness,' she admitted.Callous, yes, but most of us are not above a certain amount of low-down scheming when it comes to sex.Less shameful triggers for liaisons include the desire for peace and quiet, to cure a headache, even just to see how sex with someone new feels - and when you come to reasons like that, it's clear that we are a long way from champagne and flowers. Some people will find them refreshingly honest, others depressing.Instead, female sexual response is as intricate as a weaver bird's nest - a complex interlacing of disparate feelings, needs and promises.Initial physical attraction may be driven by simple hormones - but later in a relationship, the primary sexual mover for many women is a desire for emotional connection.The old chestnut that men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love has some truth: men feel validated by sexual connection; women crave understanding and closeness.