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As far as I can tell she was married a total of four times (three if you agree with Cora Love who adamantly denied Helen was ever legally married to Harry).As far as I know, Helen managed not to kill any of her other husbands or lapse into any more self-induced comas.Black shoes, gloves, and purse completed her off-to-prison ensemble.

Maybe they were jealous, because if Helen regained consciousness she’d be svelte. Nothing gets results like a diet of despair and guilt. Benjamin Blank, examined Helen and declared that: “a fit of sulks so profound that half a dozen solemn psychiatrists could not even agree on a name for it, variously calling it ‘hysterical fugue,’ ‘split personality,’ ‘dementia praecox,’ ‘triumph of the subconscious,’ ‘self-imposed hypnosis,’ ‘voluntary stupor.'” Legally, Helen could not be sentenced for her crime while in an insensible state.Her condition put justice for Harry on hold indefinitely.Cora's conversation options will change based on what missions you have completed.Even if she wasn't part of the squad you brought along for the mission, find her and talk to her afterward.After slapping and shaking her, which one can only hope weren’t the usual psychiatric treatments for a comatose patient, Dr.

Marcus was finally successful in awakening Helen by whispering in her ear: Helen did awake, while film crews recorded everything and her attorney stood by. She said to the assembled newspapermen: “Don’t I look beautiful this morning? She’d been fed intravenously while she was out, but once she was upright she was treated to chicken broth with rice, buttered toast and two glasses of milk.Judge Smith was skeptical about Helen’s coma, and he wasn’t the only one.Matron Vada Sullivan, who had seen many female prisoners during her tenure at the jail said: After several continuances of sentence, Judge Smith ordered court to be held in the hospital so that Helen’s reactions could be observed. Doctors stuck her with pins and otherwise abused the unconscious woman but she responded only when Dr. Marcus, the fifth psychiatrist to examine her, massaged her head and mentioned Harry’s name. ” Helen became known as “the husk woman”, and she remained unconscious for 158 hours.She has a knack for gardening, so you can usually find her toward the middle of the ship on the lower level tending to some plant life in her quarters.Here's a good rule of thumb for the romancing characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda: romantic dialog options will always be the left option in the dialog wheel, and it will always have a large heart icon next to it.Helen Wills passed away in San Francisco, California on November 1, 2000 at the ripe old age of 95.