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Knap’s and Hampton’s batteries had been ordered to take part in the engagement in another part of the field.

Three of his batteries engaged Lieutenant Muhlenberg in direct fire at about I mile range.A heavy battery completely enfiladed our works from the right; that constructed by them in the woods directly in our front, which had been discovered by me in the engagement of the previous day, played upon us at short range with destructive effect, while under cover of their guns the infantry, becoming emboldened by the near approach of what seemed to them our utter and total annihilation, charged upon us repeatedly and were as often repulsed.” The 12th Georgia was a highly regarded regiment in the Doles-Cook Georgia Brigade.There are 17 visible projectiles embedded in it, mostly .69 Cal. I took a brief look at the final muster roll for this company and noticed that a few of the soldiers that signed this roll were killed in action in the coming Atlanta Campaign. Here is an excerpt from General Geary’s Official Report written after the battle; “Shortly after daylight on the morning of the 3d instant, the action commenced at a distance from our line on the right and rear of the army, and within half an hour it had reached my division and become general along the whole front.This interesting document is complete and in remarkable condition. This would be ideal to display with your Griswold, Spiller and Burr, Leech and Rigdon, Dance etc. About 8 o’clock the division was in the trenches, exposed to a terribly raking and enfilading fire from the enemy, who had succeeded in turning the right flank of the army, leaving us exposed to the full fury of his artillery.also allows users to send sympathy flowers directly to Danville funeral homes.

This is a really neat and personal soldier’s artifact. The red woven sling is still attached though broken. He sports a very handsome and confident look and holds a US M-1850 Foot Officer’s Sword in his lap. Mc Guire is holding a big Confederate D-Guard Bowie over his shoulder which makes this image quite remarkable. This image was turned up by Steve Mullinax in his local area (Villa Rica) in 1968.Straight out of the family and pure as the driven snow. Possibly a member of Mississippi or Virginia’s “Cumberland Guards”. Note “C G” letters on kepi and M-1842 Musket he is brandishing. 95.00 This old school White Oak log is totally riddled with Case Shot and Canister from all directions. Perhaps someone out there can identify this soldier. This type of portrait was made from an original hard image in the later 1800’s. Our subject is identified on the back as “Green Tillman Mc Guire” of “Douglas County, GA. A cursory look at his record indicates that he was in Co. 50.00 I would imagine that after the siege of Chattanooga, these boys were probably in dire need of clothing.Note the finely engraved nineteenth century silver tag. This detailed receipt is written up by Lieutenant Charles Van Houten and lists the survivors of the regiment and exactly what they were issued.Upon regaining the breastworks, I found that the Sixtieth and One hundred and second New York Volunteers, of Greene’s brigade, had been left behind when the command had retired, and were now hotly engaged with the enemy, who were attempting breaches throughout the whole length of my line, and in many places actually occupied it.These two regiments had captured some 30 prisoners and a battle-flag of the enemy, the One hundred and second having captured that of the Twelfth Georgia.The right portion of the brigade was ordered by General [J. B.] Stuart to support a battery to its right, while the left moved forward, assaulting the enemy and assisting in driving him from his position from behind a strong work of logs.