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Women now have the great virtual divide between them and the consumer.

On her quest she employs the help of her biggest online fan (handle Poo Bare).

He’s a state cop and he’s desperately infatuated with “King Kelly”, a girl he’s never met until the fateful night when the movie takes place.

Satisfying libidinal desires is a part of life, and I think repressing sexual desires is unhealthy; I don’t think that makes me a bad man.

But cam-girls don’t just satisfy sexual desires—they satisfy social ones as well.

In my film, Poo Bare gets to live the fantasy of so many guys on the cam-girl sites.

He meets the girl that so often gives him the disjointed, virtually shared, sexual ecstasy he so desires.You can also get a “private show” that is just you and the women alone (which costs a lot more).The site takes a percentage and the girls get paid. It’s a lot like the old peepshow where the women were behind glass, a veritable bird in a cage, but now the audience (the viewing room) can be filled with literally thousands of people.Sometimes the girls are fully clothed and just chatting it up before they start their show.I’m not going to say I find the discussions particularly interesting, there is no shortage of vapid, over-sexualized vulgarity that usually, at the very best, is amusing.Without spoiling the movie, I’ll say this: things don’t go well.