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Helping is a SAFE PLACE for teenagers to be themselves.

Tell at least two people where you are going and when you could be expected back.

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"Success with teen sexting has a lot to do with communication between parents and children."While a cell phone was once used to build status, today's teen is now engaging with technology alongside the naturally hormonal days of middle and high school.The end result, Cunningham says, is the potential for sexting to occur as your teen begins to date.Allowing yourself to be pressurised into a meeting. It is wisest not to do this at all, but if I cannot talk you out of it, take at least two friends with you.Meet in a public place and do not divulge your address.They have had their share of problems and they know how important it is to have someone to talk to - someone that they can count on to lend them an ear and an open heart. At Helping Teens not only will you be helped - but you will have the opportunity to share your wisdom with other teens. There are several different ways you can be helped at Helping Teens.

The most popular way of being helped is by using our Support Groups Forums.If you would prefer to chat with someone LIVE, Helping Teens has that too!Simply click on LIVE CHAT and talk to someone right now!!A place where you will be treated with kindness, compassion AND respect.The staff members, from the administrators to the moderators, are just like you.These Support Groups are made up of many different forums - each forum dedicated to a specific topic.