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Do I need to provide identification when I apply for a certificate?Yes, unless the event has unrestricted access as stated above. A person must be 16 years of age or over to apply for a certificate and must provide evidence-of-identity.

If the event did not occur in Western Australia can I apply for the certificate at the Perth Registry Office?No, you must contact the Registry Office in the state, territory or country in which the event occurred.Please see Evidence-of-Identity Requirements webpage. A child under the age of 16 years applying for their own birth certificate must have the written consent from a parent named in the certificate and that parent's evidence-of-identity.A parent named on a child's birth certificate can apply for the certificate. Do we need to come to the Registry and lodge any forms? You should lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form with the minister at the church at least one calendar month before the ceremony. Not less than one calendar month from the date a Notice of Intended Marriage form is lodged with the celebrant to the date of the ceremony, unless special permission is granted in extenuating circumstances. No, records in the Registry office are confidential. Yes, a person's residence is not a factor to marriage. Contact the consul or embassy of the country in which you want to get married and ask their advice, as the requirements differ.legally married or de facto couples, whether of different or same sex) all applications for children of that family under 18 years of age are not charged a fee, i.e.

each adult applicant pays a full fee and each child no fee is payable. Yes, a married woman is entitled to revert to her maiden surname at any time.

No, all applications must be made in person or by mail. What must I do if the other parent will not sign the Birth Registration Form? If the marriage in the overseas country is recognised by the authorities of that country as a legal marriage, you obtained a marriage certificate from that country's registering authority, in general terms the marriage should be recognised in Australia (e.g. Can I register a change of name in Western Australia? See How to register an adult's change of name or How to register a child's change of name.

If only one parent has signed the form, he or she must attach a letter to the Registrar explaining why the other parent has not signed. couple over 18 years of age, not married to someone else, not closely related to each other, etc.). What can I do if a child's parent will not consent to a change of name?

For further details on applying for a birth certificate see Apply for Certificates. We were married overseas, do we have to register in Australia?

What is the cost of a certificate and what methods of payment are accepted? Can I apply for a certificate by phone, fax, email or online? The Birth Registration Form provided by the hospital or midwife must be completed and signed by both parents and sent to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 60 days of the birth of the child. No, there is no provision to register an overseas marriage in any Australian Registry Office.

I need a certificate to say I have not been married before or am not currently married. If the child is under 18 years of age and one of the parents named on the child's birth registration will not give consent, you must obtain a court order through the Family Court which authorises the change of name.