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Some said they worry their own accounts might have been hacked or poached.One said a co-worker, a male Marine, alerted her to the fact that the photographs had been posted.

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The corporal photographed at Camp Lejeune learned she had been stalked only after The War Horse sought comment from military officials. She spoke on condition of anonymity, nervous about reprisal and becoming more of a target.

“He was standing close enough to smell my perfume,” she said.

“This is going to follow me – just like he did.” The Marines United Facebook page has been around since 2015 and limits membership to male Marines, Navy corpsmen and British Royal Marines.

The group has a code of conduct pinned to the top of its page: no discussing Marines United; no threats, harm or harassment; and no racist and illegal posts.

Dozens of now-deleted Google Drive folders linked from the Facebook page included dossiers of women containing their names, military branches, nude photographs, screenshots of their social media accounts and images of sexual acts.

Dozens of other subfolders included unidentifiable women in various stages of undress.He was fired from his position as a government subcontractor in the United States, according to Maj. The War Horse has spoken with five of the women in the photographs.Two said they believe former partners might have leaked images.At least three of those listed on the page were aware of the activity: Two participated in comment strings about the photos and another “liked” one of them.More than 2,500 comments about the photos were left by group members, many of whom used their personal Facebook accounts that include their names, ranks and duty stations.The initial link on the page to the image collection read: Some Marines promised free beer to contributors. One seemed to be tracking the number of photos submitted, writing, “Over 400 more pictures added,” to which he received the response, “Well Done Marine! Jackie Speier, D-Calif., brought a similar problem to the Marines’ attention, an incident noted in the public affairs document sent to generals Friday.