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Don't dis swaziland pple practice any religion at all, coz I dnt get all dis bullshit abt continiung a useless n meaningless tradition dat reqiures grown up girls to walk around naked.Dis shear practice of immorality and those guys who said dat any man who gets aroused by watching d girls is a pavert must b fools and will b liars if they claim dat they don't get aroused watching those naked grown ass women unless of course all d men in d country are gay which I doubt.this is one of the reasons why we have racial tenssions caus other people have a problem with accepting the other cultures.

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if you have a problem with African cultures then why dont you stay in europe and not look what Africans are doing caus im sure you will live a better life that way.

We swazis are proud of who we are and this shows that we still have our identnty, I also wonder what nationality is GUEST, from what I read I can sureley say you do not even respect the english language looking at you comment so it means you do not have respect for anything even yourself.

I'm 21 and I've been participating in the reed dance for the past 5yrs, I am proud!!!!!!

If anyone of you have any questions then you can ask me 1st hand: [email protected] will answer any question.

stay blessed africans ¡Hola Necesitas un financiero listo listo listo para immobilier- Investissement Vehículos cisternas de la redención de la deuda del préstamo consolidación- Crédito Usted está atascado.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy y hemos hecho es decir, la cantidad que necesita para que podamos darle más información y le dirá qué hacer para conseguir este préstamo en el menor tiempo posible a un precio razonable.Let's stop ignorance, just because it isn't a western practice dosent make it ludachris i find it so annoying to hear people criticizing oyher cultures. i may adopt the zulu culture but my true culture is Swazi.well done to the girls who still remember to pactrice their culture, by doing the "reed dance".I think most negative comments here are just due to jealousy.I am an african and have been living in europe for so many years.I have enjoyed learning about the culture and peopl of Swaziland. It is great to see a land in Africa, not depicted as barren and in desolation. Your American, sister/I am a swazi and a diciplined man.