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They erroneously believe that they can use Natural Law as a weapon against humanity. We must conduct our lives on objective right and wrong. It would be like enacting into law the fact that two plus two is equal to four.

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In the profile you need to explicitly highlight your qualities, your take on life, your battles with it, your hobbies, your seriousness to commit to a long term relationship, etc.

Apart from being transparent, dating chat rooms have a lot of benefits that you will find useful in your quest to hunt for a like-minded companion who can become your soul mate.

Natural Law is a knowable, testable and proveable science.

We are all infolded in and surrounded by a field of intelligent energy.

There is no question about the fact that a smartly and honestly written dating profile can play an instrumental role in helping you expedite your search for the woman of your dreams.

In a dating profile, you have to outline your personality, you can either be descriptive about it, which is preferred, or you can keep it short and simple.

Obediently following orders without first assessing if the order is objectively right or wrong in out of alignment with the science of Natural Law. It is just a concept that was created by dark occultists in order to manipulate us to unthinkingly commit acts of extreme evil when unquestioningly following orders. The dark occultists created religious systems and other distractions so that we would not look into the knowledge of Natural Law.

A deep understanding and integration of the Natural Law principles by humanity is what the Dark Occultists fear the most. The Dark Occultists wish us to adopt a poisoned world view mindset based on Satanic principles, so that they can control us more easily. Our rights can not be taken from us regardless of what anything scribbled down in a law book may happen to say, or regardless of any claims which might be made by people who think that they are God in this world, and can take whatever power that their ability to wage violence affords them.

When you break Natural Law by using directed energy weapons against another human being, there will be a time delay before you feel any pain. If a law is contrary to Natural Law, it is not even a genuine law, and therefore should not be called a law. Any system which would allow the “selling” of human rights would inevitably lend itself to plutocracy or rule by the rich, because they would buy up everyone else’s rights and thus ultimately enslave them.

You might say to yourself, I have broken Natural Law and yet I feel no pain. Governments who enact these man made laws derive their power from the consent of the governed and only from the consent of the governed and their only duty is to uphold and guard the rights of the individuals within their governship. If we practice self-mastery over our own ego and our own egotistical desires this will lead to happiness and order.

In the world of dating, sometimes, we all have to tell someone we don’t want to see them again and this can be a really difficult topic to approach.