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These are just a small example of the different ways a person can be bullied.However, any repeated behaviour that makes someone feel unhappy, isolated and bad about themselves can be considered bullying.Contacting a counsellor can help you talk about what you are going through, in private and without judgement.

"The professional helped me to understand what was happening.

They gave me the tools to know how to engage with the person and to deal with the situation." Bullying may have affected you at an earlier time in your life, but it may have been a factor in developing other issues.

In a recent survey, counsellors told us that 72% of bullying-related clients originally came to them for a different reason, such anxiety and depression.

We also asked counsellors what, in their experience, are common resulting behaviours for a person being bullied.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know, speaking to a professional may help.

Counselling provides a safe space for you to discuss your concerns without fear of being judged.Many of us will associate bullying as something that happens in our youth, during our school years and in the playground.However, bullying is more common than you may think.While it is a common issue at school, bullying can occur at any age. It can happen during any time of your life; at school, at work, online, at university or even at home.Below is a video we made to raise awareness and help ‘break the barriers of bullying’.It is important we know what options are available and who to turn to.