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In part 3, I am going to give some practical advice and talk about the advantages of working through an agency. When I had some incredible airport drama they were right there helping me get the flights I needed. As we got more and more tired he came up with more and more challenging shapes.

———————————————- Recently there was a story written on Queer Porn Nation about a blog post I created. I was to be chauffeured in a limousine, and when my flight got redirected from San Diego to Orange County they sent the limousine 100 miles north to pick me up and drive me comfortably back to San Diego. I went into Sean Cody to pay off my debt faster, and now I intended to go full steam ahead, no matter what, because I hadn’t made what I needed to wipe the debt out. And this is something you need to know about working with straight models: They can stay hard for about 30 seconds to a minute.

I am sorry that my readiness happens to be timed right when this pingback has connected itself to what I was already going to say. Introduction & Phone Interview If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that there was a start and stop process to my getting involved with my first video projects. Solo video I did my paperwork, and the person signing the contracts with me noticed my age. The camera man heard him, and this became part of the conversation on film. Landon, as picture perfect as he is, reminds me of the court ordered black model in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. (I, personally, cannot watch my Sean Cody videos for a variety of reasons, but particularly because of all the hollering.) I offered to eat the cum, since that is rare on Sean Cody, and we finished up. “Great, I get to spend the day fucking some chic’s smoker, thug boyfriend.” I was very disheartened at the sight of him, because he was SO MUCH BIGGER than me. So my complaints about the duo are not really directed at him, so much as the situation. Some people, especially some of the readers on the site Sean Cody, have been particularly unfriendly toward me in general, and I am going to now explain why they are deluded about a great many things. I think it translated more into a “oh, you so craaaazy! When they started asking me questions I tried to remember to say and do nothing much, but accidentally slipped and said something quippish before I remembered to shut up and sit still. So, I’m sure Fuller kisses girls better than he does boys, and that’s understandable: He’s totally straight. Okay, before Fuller puts my dick in his mouth, he looks up at me and says, “Sorry, dude. It looks like a music video or car commercial, because the visuals are constantly moving around. It means that if you follow the Sean Cody formula of 4-6 shapes shot from 3 angles (and 4-5 takes of each angle) that you have 12-15 short takes of each shape (ergo over 50-70 takes, easily, for the anal alone). That you have to get hard over 50 times, and (in my case) get penetrated ALOT. They work with so few gay models that (when I was there) they had three.

I submitted pics on a whim, got a positive response, and I fell out of touch because of insecurity; then they contacted me quite a while later, we restarted the conversation, and they fell out of touch because of disorganization; and finally they contacted me through my profile on Model Mayhem, I explained how it was our third conversation, and we persisted in maintaining contact. Well, I write for a gay newspaper, and I have taught writing at the college level. I guess it wouldn’t be a lie to say I’m a linguist.” “Okay, perfect. I don’t remember now if talking about being in my thirties is on the film or only in the write up, but there it was: Sean Cody had, for whatever reason, outed me as a thirty-something. I felt like I was being made a particular spectacle for being so much older and gayer than “normal” on their site, and I have never felt like I was particularly well portrayed in either video. It was a two-day shoot, each day lasting 2-3 hours. I thought they’d paired me with someone similar to compliment us both, but now I was suddenly suspicious that I was being paired with him, so that I could be “the lucky gay guy” to bottom for such a hot, straight stud. He and I have stayed in touch from time to time, and I do not wish him any ill whatsoever. After my initial negative impression I was greatly endeared to him when he expressed disbelief at my age and said, “I hope I look half as good when I’m your age! I do not apologize for undermining their fascination with gay-for-pay porn, because they shouldn’t be feeding such dysfunctional desire in the first damn place. One was from 1986 and had more hair product and eyeliner than lube in the scenes. “Where do you think that food is going to end up in about two hours? It is.” Suddenly I was the most important person in the room. It’s been a long day.” So, I finally got to do my cum shot, and I (horror of horrors) I couldn’t. The time between my orgasm and his was about 10 minutes.

I hadn’t asked permission to use them, and I understand completely that they have a right to control their copyrighted material.

I also removed all mention of Sean Cody from my ads, since that too is their trademarked name.

It didn’t occur to me that a web site that coerces straight men to have gay sex on camera would have a sense of moral indignation.

Also, many porn models are escorts, so it didn’t occur to me that it would shock the people at Sean Cody.He gave me tips and expectations concerning my appearance, and then asked me questions about myself, so as to create my “character.” He wanted me to be bisexual; however, “I have been out since I was 15, and I have been dancing in gay clubs since 1998. ” “I’m a professional dancer and choreographer, and I am also a career exotic dancer.” “Oh, wow. It felt unnatural, and the entire time I was terrified that I was overdoing the noise (which I don’t care for in general), and then on top of it I was scared the noises I did make would be ridiculous and over the top. At one point they asked me if I would play with a toy. ” “Oh, just play with it and figure it out.” So I ended up standing in an awkward position, corkscrewing a limp dick dildo into my ass, making noises that I feared were “too gay,” and hoping that I wouldn’t look completely ridiculous in the process. OMG, maybe I’m too gay afterall, but don’t fuck with a bitch’s weave! For the cum shot I was told to work the noise up to a climax. When I finally did coordinate a hard-on with Fuller I had to then run down the hall, flop back into the last position, and he would ram his softening cock into me and start fucking as if we’d not stopped for several minutes. I was expected to maintain a raging erection (despite the run from the other room and repeated ass ramming), because my dick was always visible, but I ended up flapping in the breeze like a surrender flag for many of the takes. “If you cum too fast everyone goes home with no money.” Great, I get it. Fuller said, “Dude, if you fuck up my money we’re going to fight.” My gay eyebrow went up really fast. Now that the time had come, assistant camera homo came up with the most ridiculous position of them all. He looked down at me and said, “Don’t look at me, or you’ll fuck me up.” “Remember,” the camera man said to me, “if the cum hits your face your can’t make weird faces or we can’t use the footage and you won’t get paid.” Right.Normally I don’t use them, but I wanted to be gracious and cooperative, since my paperwork specifically stated that difficult models would not be asked back. He stood down, and tried to go back into encouraging me. I then told Fuller, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think you will be able to cash your check today.” I really felt bad for holding him up. ” To his credit, assistant camera homo replied, “This always happens. You have to be patient.” This straight guy had offered me some of his odoriferous fish in clam sauce a couple hours earlier. He somehow thought I would be able to cum on my right side (thus pinning my j/o hand to the bed) with my legs in some kind of Kama Sutra bullshit. I simply said, “I can’t cum like that.” “Well,” he said with a thoroughly bitchy voice, “how CAN you cum? Because I’ve never had a guy’s cum hit my face before. I turned my head, breathing as shallowly as possible, and tried not to exist long enough for Fuller to cum all over me. A few weeks later they asked me to come back and do a third scene, but I turned it down.Adult Entertainment & Aftermath I went into porn as a form of advertising for escorting.My recruiter made no mention of my exotic dancing to his managers, and I didn’t realize Sean Cody had a problem with escorts, so I never mentioned it.It isn’t my intent necessarily to besmirch anyone, but rather to describe events, so that possibilities aren’t overlooked (e.g.