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The warning signs can be difficult to spot in the early stages. “Yeah I know he messages a lot – but…” “Sure he kinda lost it when I forgot to tell him I was hanging out with friends tonight… The early warning signs of control are often mistaken for love.

Because just like a leaky tap, it can take a while before the damage becomes obvious. But he was soo sweet the next day & said he just worries about me when we’re not together! When you first start dating, controlling behaviours might be so well disguised they feel flattering. The ‘concern’ over where you are & what you’re up to.

"I like someone who's loyal and kind of fabulous." Looks like she might have found someone who's meeting the criteria!

[David] talks very highly of Elizabeth."A separate source detailed David and Elizabeth's getaway.

We're told the ageless beauty joined the musically-inclined star and a big group of friends and family "for about three days as they cruised around Sardinia" on Bob Manoukian luxury barge called the Siran.

Which can make you feel crazy when you’re the only one who sees their .

On top of this, in the dating stage of a new relationship, they can be incredibly romantic & affectionate.

"They looked like a couple in the beginning stages of getting to know each other," our insider dished.

"They were with a group of friends, but they had some private flirty moments together where they laughed and got close." This could potentially mark Hurley's first relationship since she split from cricketer Shane Warne in 2013. News back in 2015 what exactly she looks for in a man."I do like to laugh," she told us.And they aren’t as glaringly obvious as you might think, so they can tend to sneak up on you. When you first meet, you might be inundated with an unusual amount of attention.While this in of itself might not be a red flag, a refusal to respect your boundaries is.Since they can’t survive without a partner to control, they are rarely single for long (if they can help it).So when you first start dating, find out how long it’s been since their last relationship.The key is whether or not he respects your boundaries.