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For some, the language of love comes as naturally as their mother tongue.Unfortunately, the rest of us have to work a little harder to understand the lingo of dating.

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When we use the term 'uni' or 'university', this is often a generic reference that incorporates colleges too.For example, when we say 'applying to university', we mean 'applying to university or college', but in a more concise way.Conditional offer – in your application, an offer of a place on a course subject to conditions.To be accepted on the course, you’ll need to meet the conditions – usually related to your exam results.Entry requirements – this is what the course provider recommends you need to do/have to get on the course – from qualifications and specific subjects or grades, to interviews, admissions tests, and medical requirements.

You aren't guaranteed an offer if you meet or already have these.If they start becoming more and more distant (or ignoring you completely), the chances are, you’ve been ‘ghosted.’ : The world of online dating and apps means that a lot of people find themselves in textlationships.When you message someone practically every day, act as though they are your partner, yet never see them IRL (in real life), you might find yourself in one of these. This is what people do when they just love the thrill of the chase. After all, it’s no fun for them if you’re not playing hard to get.If you didn’t get a place on a course – whether you didn’t receive offers, declined your offers, or didn’t get the grades you needed – Clearing allows you to apply for courses that still have vacancies.College – a provider of further and higher education.Further education (FE) – the level of education you complete at school or college before you start higher education.