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In this episode, meet people claiming to be sex addicts, their therapists, psychologists with conflicting views and loved ones who have been impacted by their partners’ behaviour.

Presenter: Jenny Brockie Follow @jenbrockie Producer: Niki Hamilton Follow @NIKIHAM3 Associate Producer: Joel Tozer Follow @jttozer Ken Fergusson says he’s a recovering sex addict whose life unravelled due to his uncontrollable sexual behaviour.

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JENNY BROCKIE: Did you have relationships with women? It was mostly sexual ones or just a friendship with sex thrown it. I, I used this them basically, 85 percent I used the women. This has already spilled into my relationship with Jillian.One day I was in contact with someone from Perth and they'd just come home so I was chatting to them, that I wanted to see them on the webcam. I was really, literally begging this woman to get her clothes off and get naked on the bed basically. I actually asked him to come over and I wrapped it up in a letter, a goodbye letter and I handed it to Ken to say you need to go away and get yourself sorted because I can't do this anymore.JENNY BROCKIE: Now you talk about your book being publicised as confessions of a sex addict. JESSE FINK: No, no, I had a serious woman problem with it and when the extract was sold to the Sydney Morning Herald, they put the headline Confessions of a Sex Addict on it in big writing and I thought holy shit, no, this is not what I want.JENNY BROCKIE: So what do you think it was that you were?And so the objective was to fall in love but I wasn't going to say no to a sexual experience if it was being offered to me.

Um, and I wrote a memoir about this period and it was promoted as a sex addict and I actually had a serious problem with the label.Jesse Fink says he had sex with hundreds of women after his marriage breakdown.But he thinks sexual addiction is 'a crock of shit".He was begging this woman, he was, you're the only person that understands me, please just get your clothes off. JENNY BROCKIE: Why didn't you care about how they felt? However, the intimate connection that I needed and everyone needs in a relationship was not happening. GILLIAN ROBINSON: The reason I have stayed with Ken and there was small progression. I decided that we had to find someone who dealt with sex addiction. And so, um "¦ JENNY BROCKIE: Why did you think it was sex addiction? GILLIAN ROBINSON: No, because he doesn't wasn't sex with me. Effectively, he's only known lust, he doesn't know how to make love with a woman or someone he's emotionally connected with.One last time, I promise this is one last time, and she's saying no more, I'm not. KEN FERGUSSON: Because I had no emotional connection with them. JENNY BROCKIE: Gillian, how were you dealing with being with a man who wasn't making emotional connections? GILLIAN ROBINSON: I actually went on and did my research and there was quite a few websites, sex control and other things that came out of the States, and there was a lot of information about what identified the person as an addict and Ken ticked every one of those. JENNY BROCKIE: Did you think he might have just been self indulgent? JENNY BROCKIE: We're going to get onto these definitions and treatment a little bit later on but before we do, Jesse, I'd like to talk to you because you went on a three year sex binge after your wife left you.Gillian has demanded that Ken stop all virtual sex with other women, throw away the contact book and stop viewing pornography.