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But what those people forget is that everyone knows who Kate is right now, and that recognizability inevitably equals votes. This week, the celebs had to dance a quickstep, waltz or paso doble that told a story. Len said the routine had an "innocent charm," but that the technique was poor, the steps were oversimplified and there was no performance quality. Their quickstep was about Jake, an Indiana Jones-type character, discovering Chelsie, as Cleopatra, in an Egyptian tomb. The judges agreed that the performance quality was good, but Carrie Ann said Jake's knees were soft and Bruno thought his feet were muddled. Just talking about the concept made both Niecy and Louis tear up in rehearsals, and Louis said that he's "still in that boat" in regard to "forbidden love," since he is a gay man who cannot get married in this country. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke: Their paso doble was about him trying to seduce her, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Charo swung by their rehearsals to give Pam some pointers and rename Pam's breasts "big maracas." Doesn't Charo make everything more enjoyable? The song choice for Pam's dance was completely weird (Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood) and it kind of looked like she made herself dizzy at certain points, but I like her. Erin Andrews and Maksim Russian Last Name: So these two are hooking up right? Their waltz was "all about trust," according Erin, which meant Maks blindfolded her for 75% of it. Bruno (half) joked that next, they'd be using handcuffs. During rehearsal, Tony brought in an acting coach to help Kate channel her anger into the dance, but man, he should demand his money back because Kate is just completely devoid of any discernible, and therefore likable, personality whatsoever. My favorite part about their performance was when it was over (haha, but that's not a joke), because Brooke Burke asked Kate about being followed by the paparazzi and ol' Pukevelka was in the background, nodding his head along with Kate's answer, like he so knows what she's been through. Len didn't even think it was a good quickstep, but Carrie Ann thought it was darn entertaining.

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A new week, a new way to wear 30,000 rhinestones on one halter top. Pamela Andersen and Damian Whitewood: Pam was bottom two last week. Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough: Nicole and Derek had this whole sailor schtick going on for their quickstep.A lot of people expected Kate Gosselin to go home last week because she was so bad and we see enough of her on the newsstands already. Jake Pukevelka and Chelsie Hightower: Jake threw a hissyfit during rehearsals because he thought Chelsie was talking to him "disrespectfully." What a something-you-call-a-lady-part. Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel: Their waltz portrayed an interracial couple in the 60s and their forbidden love. I don't know, but timely Clash of the Titans references are always appreciated. She said her kids and Tommy Lee loved her performances, but they didn't vote, so it's basically all their fault. Their paso doble story featured her as a gypsy flamenco dancer who's in love with a matador but is totally against what he stands for. Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani: Their paso doble featured Tony as a pesky paparazzi and Kate as the harassed celebrity. I keep waiting for her to have a genuine smile, or laugh for real, or just do something, ANYTHING that makes me think, "Huh, maybe all those stories about her are wrong." It just never happens. It was cute and really good, but apparently they broke a whole bunch of rules so the judges were pissed.Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya: Their story was about a husband who was mad at his wife, because she was running late. I also think he's kind of boring--a middle of the road dancer without any real defining characteristics that I can either embrace and/or make fun of. Chad's costume did not include a shirt, which automatically starts him at all 10s in my book. Mhmm, that's all that Stripperella training in action. Unfortunately, I was really distracted by the dude singing the Train song because his voice was apparently going through puberty during the whole performance. I think if I was on DWTS, I'd want Derek to be my partner.There's something about Evan that makes me feel like he's a 9-year-old stuck in an adult's body. The quickstep was OK, but they messed up their cutesy ending. Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa: Their waltz was about him coming home from war, and her, his daughter, greeting him. He always makes everyone look so good and is a choreography rebel! (Len really hates it when the pros stray too far from the traditional steps). Did anyone else get the feeling Monday night that Tom Bergeron just wanted to end it all--just swallow that disco ball trophy whole and choke on all the little mirrors until the sequins stopped sparkling? The judges thought it was entertaining but both Len and Bruno told Evan to mind his feet.

Evan Lysacek are still the lead favorites after their flawless performances from last night. Cheryl doesn't need any augmentation, she's perfect just the way she is. Can you believe Cheryl just won the award for "Hollywood Style Choreographer"? And if you think I was talking about Cheryl Burke, you have issues. Check out the Dancing with the Stars contestants in Hollywood yesterday, including the voluptuous Brooke Burke, Lance Bass and, of course, Cheryl Burke. ) But there'll be no more dancing for Kim Kardashian! Cheryl Burke didn't waste an opportunity to show off the ,000 ring given to her by partner Chad Ochocinco,... Cheryl Burke already admitted her affection for Chad Ochocinco on the show last night (and it's obvious in X17online's pix) but she AND DWTS other rumored new couple, Erin & Maks, played it coy at Industry last night by showing... Last night on episode two of Dancing With the Stars, Cheryl Burke and Chad Ochocinco revealed that they have as much chemistry offstage as they do onstage! After the first-ever double scoring night on DWTS, the stars and pros headed to The Mint for An Evening With Mark Ballas. Cet article est une ébauche concernant une émission de télévision américaine.