Emma watson george craig dating

The video featured Emma Watson, after they met on a Burberry campaign photoshoot, and was shot in New York. He moved to Helmsley at the age of five and is a fan of Middlesbrough F. He moved to London at the start of 2011 and lived with his bandmates Mark and Dan (guitar player and bassist of One Night Only).

“She has been juggling coursework with rehearsals and learning lines so she’s had a lot on her plate.” The play was put on by the college’s non-profit student theatre group.

Tickets were free, but only staff and students were invited to protect Emma from being mobbed by fans.

It seems the love spell has faded for Emma Watson and her college flame Will Adamowicz.

After rumors surfaced that the couple, who had been dating since late 2011, split, a rep confirmed to Us Weekly that the relationship had, in fact, ended.

Emma Watson has appeared to confirm that she is dating musician George Craig.

The Harry Potter actress and One Night Only member Craig have been photographed together at the Glastonbury Festival over the weekend, and spoke about their relationship during a joint interview on BBC Radio 1. “George finds me [because] I’m looking a bit lost and in a dodgy part of New York.The theatre was full to capacity all three nights of the play, and Emma was thrilled to be so well received.Emma was over the moon that every show was a full house,” the source added.The 20-year-old British actress is dating Burberry’s male model, George Craig, whom she met on the brand’s photo session for spring/summer 2010.19-year-old Craig also fronts rock band One Night Only.People would think that I didn’t deserve to have both. We can only with the 20-year-old an enjoyable day with loved ones; and perhaps a trip to the new Harry Potter Park at Universal Studios! Emma Watson is finishing out her freshman year at Brown University, but while she’s been involved in plenty of student activities, she still misses her home. Although, with her Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 filming schedule and the promotion of her People Tree clothing line, she just may have to pack her treats to go.