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"I think the words, the words and disrespect for an opponent like that is something …

there’s lots of trash talking that goes on on the ice, but that to announce something like that for everybody to hear, to me that crosses the line and the league and our ownership felt that too." When asked if Avery’s relationship with the Stars can be saved, Tippett responded "time will tell" and assistant captain Mike Modano wasn’t sure either. "It’s a situation we’ll have to address when that time comes, if it does." Stars owner Tom Hicks released a statement saying that he fully agreed with the league’s decision.

Avery criticized Flames captain Jarome Iginla for being "boring" in an ESPN interview earlier this season "Nobody cares about Jarome Iginla and guys like that," Avery said. They don’t bring enough to the game." Avery is wearing out his welcome in Dallas.

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"I thought he might say something on the ice, which is fine.

It happens out there, if he says it to Dion or whoever, but to say it to the media, that’s uncalled for." The Stars knew what they were getting when they signed the 28-year-old from Toronto because he’d already established a reputation of being a talented player who constantly pushes the envelope.

"Had the league not have suspended him, the Dallas Stars would have," said Hicks.

"This organization will not tolerate such behaviour, especially from a member of our hockey team.

New Line Cinema has even commissioned a script about his double life.

Asked the best thing about his reputation as a pest, he told the New York Times: "It’s better than being known as soft." Newsweek dubbed Avery "the human equivalent of jock itch." The next meeting between the Flames and the Stars is Feb.

"We’ve had lots of discussions about how we need him to be a good player on our team and the stuff that follows him around off the ice, the less distraction the better," Tippett said.

"It has been limited, other than some stuff that had been said this summer, it had been pretty limited until today.

"The talk before the game, that’s something you have to talk about," he said.

"As players and teammates, you can’t just bury it." The NHL put in a so-called "Avery Rule" after he set up in front of New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur and blocked the goalie’s view by waving his hand and stick during last year’s playoffs.

"Sean said some thing that just doesn’t paint our organization in a good light and appropriate steps are being taken." Avery has never shunned the spotlight.