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Indeed, that perspective may have made it easier for her to connect with the most outsider of American presidents.

In some ways an unlikely pair — they had never met until he interviewed her at Trump Tower four months ago about a Cabinet post — she has spent hours by Trump's side during his trips to Michigan and Kentucky over the past week or so.

Bush's labor secretary for two terms -- the longest-serving member of his Cabinet and the first female Asian-American in any presidential cabinet in US history. The Republican from Montana was the only member of Congress to vote against U. entry in both World War I and World War II."He does mine too sometimes," she said, referring to the laundry. "And he's really considerate," she continued, "and he's really very thoughtful.

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In her new job, she'll have a say in federal regulation of some of those new developments, among them the advent of self-driving cars and the expanding use of drones."For a lot of people, the rapid pace of technology is making them feel alienated and unconnected to other people, which is why these communities on-line are just thriving," she says.

Her message to the tech industry: "You take it as second nature, but for much of what you do, people do not understand."That's not helpful to their corporate interests or the national interest, she says. I remember how vulnerable our community felt at the time, and I think those lessons, those experiences of being on the outside" stuck with her."At ninth grade, I had to stay at school for lunch, and I didn't know how to use a fork and knife," she says. We used chopsticks." Popular music and culture were a mystery to her; her time was consumed with doing schoolwork and helping at home with her five younger sisters.

After years of fertility treatments, I finally got pregnant with my son, whom I call my miracle baby. And so for young people, young women, I wanted to give them strength and hope and confidence," she declared."Just because there are no role models doesn't mean that you can't be the future role model that you now seek. And, you know, even if you don't have a role model, it's OK.

As transportation secretary, Chao oversees almost 60,000 employees and a slew of agencies, including the FAA.

Democrats support federal spending while Trump has endorsed public-private partnerships.

Chao says the administration's plan will include investments from pension funds and private equity firms, and will look at easing "bureaucratic hurdles" that slow projects and make them more expensive. "Throughout the whole government, the administration wanted to give a message that things were not going to be done as usual and that there would be different priorities." That said, she said "a lot" of the proposed Transportation cuts would be restored, albeit sometimes to different programs.Because I understand and I remember how hard it was."She has discussed her family's immigrant experience with President Trump, whose hard-line policies and rhetoric on immigration have exacerbated fears within some foreign-born communities about how welcome they should feel in the United States."I hope not and I don't think he wants that either," Chao says, noting the rise and fall of anti-immigrant feeling in the United States over time, including at the turn of the 20th century.She says the national-security briefings she's received as a member of the Cabinet underscore the need for tougher policies at this moment."There are bad people coming across the borders — I'm not saying everybody, but there are bad people coming across and they want to do us harm," she says.I mean, that's pretty rough," she said."I was really scared that I would not be able to catch on, latch on to mainstream America. It resonated with me in a big way because I almost made the same "tradeoff," as she called it.I did not start trying to have a baby until I was in my late 30s, and it was almost too late.She was a White House fellow during President Reagan's administration. "Secretary Chao is highly competent and understands how Washington functions.