Disabled woman finds dating site for disabled people

Maybe I could charm her so much that she would take me on as a client for free. Her ads could say, “If I could help this poor slob find love, I can find it for anybody.”With my friend’s help, I upload my profile to the site.

I hear nothing back except for a few invites to wine tasting mixer and a square dancing singles night that are sponsored by her company.

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A friend had called my office complaining he had been rejected as a client by a new matchmaking service in town.After I talked with him, I decided to try and sign up as a client, too.I would like to think they have my best interest at heart, but I can’t help but wonder if there is an unconscious fear of suggesting me to certain people.They might assume if they set me up with someone they know, that person might think they’re playing a mean trick.After more verbal ping-pong about whether people with disabilities could date “normies,” I claimed a temporary victory.

She agreed to let me upload my profile to her site.Nine times out of ten if a friend says they have someone I should meet, the person often has a disability.Even though all my friends’ choices for me have been great, I can’t help but wonder why they are pushing me towards other people with disabilities.To many that statement may sound exaggerated, but it could be based on some truth.Last month, I was talking to a friend who does attendant work in the area.When I called, I was barely able to get one word through before the woman cut me off.