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But he could also convey that his character was almost a millennium old.

The fussy way he wrung his hands—directly borrowed from hipster-favorite Second Doctor Patrick Troughton—is an old man’s mannerism.

His first season had its problems, but the individual episodes and the season-long arc had enough momentum that—along with the slicker direction and more polished production values compared to the previous rebooted Viewers got a succinct briefing on Moffat’s vision in the Season Four two-part episode he wrote, “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead,” in which Moffat’s creation River meets Tennant’s 10th Doctor.

Davies, he just hid them away in a pocket universe.

While I find Moffat’s compulsion to insert his own characters into existing continuity annoying (c.f.

They got to live full lives together in the past, but the Doctor could never go back and see them again? Why not have the two of them make a meaningful sacrifice and actually, you know, die? series—he’d always been able to find the out, the cheat code, the reset button. He thought he’d gotten away with it again—and then he found out that sometimes victory a cheat code. he put it all out there, but with nothing really at stake, it was like watching a workshop at the Actor’s Studio or something.

And even his considerable charms couldn’t smooth over his character’s jaw-dropping sexist comments, leering at women, and non-consensual kissing—culminating in the groaningly poor regeneration episode “The Time of the Doctor,” in which he essentially planted one on the Pope.

And we definitely will The entirety of Season Six is when Moffat’s fascination for plot twists and open-ended mysteries (in our house, we describe this unfortunate tendency as “plotty-wotty”) took over the show, and the whole product suffered.

As for the Doctor himself, in Season Six he: didn’t tell Amy or Rory about the anomalous readings he was getting about her pregnancy (and why was he pregnancy-testing her, anyway?Every apparent sacrifice, tragic loss, or moral compromise is invalidated by some kind of reset button, with no physical or psychological cost.The “loss” of the Ponds was so nonsensical that it doesn’t even count. Playful, petulant, shouty, giddy, mopey, nasty, lachrymose …Look, here’s a piece of the TARDIS I pulled out of the Crack!With your help, we’re going to fix this, I promise.But if Moffat were running things, the Doctor would , dammit.