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It feels inspiring to critique with wisdom and emotional clarity vs being puppeted around by emotions.

To the two interviewers thank you for having the courage to be so open and share the rawness in the uncertainty of it all. Like every passionate adventure, I'm sure it was an amazing adventure and an educational gift that just keeps giving!

Secondly, I have been trying with much failure to find the music scores in this episode.

However, I think it's obvious that a fair few number of listeners (including me) find that these things can and do detract from an otherwise engaging story.As an audio medium, I think these hiccups in podcasts could make or break an episode.I do agree that this episode veers away a bit from the old episodes which is mostly about the wonders of science, but I found this episode riveting.It really blurs the line between the very nunced nature of gender politics and although Kristin's repeated use of the word 'like' left much to be desired, I still enjoyed the episode.I agree with other comments that misogyny and sexism was left unaddressed, and the glaring absence of any mention of the woman gondolier Giorgia Boscolo. The work you did with David merits you killing this bad habit.

Even the host calls Alex "the first female gondolier" repestedly. Am looking forward to more reporting from you—sans "like".The reporting was clearly in depth, described in parts of the show in a relaxed setting (Sitting in a gondola while trying to interview the gondolier!), and dealing with a difficult and complex subject while showing understanding and compassion. The Grammar Police is cracking down on yet another woman who has shown imperfection! I would love to see people live up to their beliefs and for once, support a woman who has done a wonderful job reporting and in letting her guard down for everyone to hear, instead of jumping down her throat for something so unimportant.They allowed me to reflect on the story while it was being told. I grew up in a similar generation to Alex and I think that for those of us who are bit older the question of how somebody who is transgender confronts this quandary is compelling beyond words.Instead I find some small-minded misogynistic female reporter bashing going on. I admire Alex's courage and honesty, and the amazing job of Radio lab reporters to let his story come out in its right time. and just thought that this story is important for any parent who wants kids to grow up independent and healthy.I am enjoying the saga of the gondolier HOWEVER.every other word(only slightly overstating this) from the female reporter, like, you know, like like is goddamned like.... Perhaps pointing out the overuse of the word 'like' is futile at this point, given the number of posts about the same above. I thought the analysis and reporting sensationalized 'transgender' identity.